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Jean-Pierre Murray-Kline
Everything Internet, Trends & Technologies.
Strategist | Keynote Speaker | Writer | Specialist Project Manager.

Jean-Pierre Murray-Kline - Website Marketing Specialist

Available for Research, Custom Strategy Creation & Implementation. Keynote Talks. Specialist in Internet Marketing (SEO, PPC, Social Media, Website & Apps, Online Reputation Management). Internet trends & The Internet of things devices and products.

Jean-Pierre (Murray-Kline) is the entrepreneur and the owner of SA Online: a web-based service provider offering quality services & products available in one way or another via the internet, either through own company departments or venture partners. He has worked on countless projects covering a wide variety of industries throughout Africa. The majority of ventures have dominated the internet or hold a monopoly. Self-taught, tried and tested methods, tip of the trends, technology, operations, creating strategy & roll-out / execution thereof. Jean-Pierre operates own company, a private consultancy, writes, researches, and works with select private clients and projects sharing his expertise.

Nothing shared is pure theory, its experience of a South African entrepreneur.

Millions and millions made off the internet for own company and Clients.

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