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Jean-Pierre Murray-Kline
Internet & Social Media Specialist and Scenario Planner
Based in Cape Town & Johannesburg SA. Available internationally.

Jean-Pierre Murray-Kline - Website Marketing Specialist

Company Scenarios & Presentations, Research, Planning and Implementation for South African, African and World Wide Trends covering PPC, SEO, Social media, Ecomms, Apps, Marketing & Sales, Online Reputation Management, Websites and everything else related.

Jean-Pierre (Murray-Kline) is the owner of SA Online, (SA Online was established to provide South Africa and the World with high quality services and products through the web for services and products originating within South Africa) and has worked on countless web based projects covering a huge variety of industries, products and services, not only in South Africa, but throughout Africa, and all of his projects / departments monopolize the internet. Nothing shared is pure theory, its experience of a South African entrepreneur.

Millions and millions made off the internet for own company and Clients.

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