About Jean-Pierre Murray-Kline

Who is Jean-Pierre Murray-Kline?

Born 1983, grew up in Cape Town, schooled at Marist Brothers College, started own company at the age of 16 and invoiced first million by age of 19. Industries of experience include: Law, traditional and web marketing, SEO, PPC, Social media, Property, Event and Entertainment management, Project management, Photography and Studios, Tourism, Apps, PR, Branding, Tv and Radio, Production, and worked with countless other fields dealing personally with Clients in just about every field imaginable.

Having travelled extensively around Africa has a unique ability to understand South African and African companies web and social media challenges and needs, assisting with the creation of the correct custom mixture of tools and processes to improve online and social media exposure, reputation and traffic.


Jean-Pierre Murray-Kline - Internet & Social Media Specialist

Jean-Pierre, keeping it simple:

“There are two things I am certain of:

  1. The internet will always cost money.
  2. The internet can make you more than you spend!
Jean-Pierre Murray-Kline - SEO Marketing Expert

Let me simplify it for you, taking the nerd and computer jargon out of the process, keeping it relevant for your company and clients.

Web based and now smart device marketing, sales and media management is essential for all companies, and in Africa even more so because communication between client and company almost fully rely on these avenues.

You have to be so careful on how you work on the internet because making errors will result in these avenues becoming totally unfeasible for your company, brand, product or services.

Social media is the same. It can make or break a company, regardless it can create an open channel of communication which reduces costs and increases exposure.

Success is in the mixture. A custom mix of what you use, when and where.”

Company Scenarios & Presentations, Research, Planning and Implementation for South African, African and World Wide Trends covering PPC, SEO, Social media, Ecomms, Apps, Marketing & Sales, Online Reputation Management, Websites and everything else related.