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Data Access Management (A-M) / E-R-P Services

Jean-Pierre Murray-Kline - Data Access Management (A-M) services

Jean-Pierre Murray-Kline - Data Access Management (A-M) Services / E-R-P

Access Management (A-M) or Data Governance (D-G) is the process of identifying and then controlling authorised or specified user access to an IT system or the storage of data and privileged information.

I cover needs assessments, risk checks, design policies and processes, and then create strategies for implementing tools for monitoring and access for the I-T environment.

Enterprise Recourse Planning (E-R-P)

Enterprise Resource Planning is an advanced business application programming technology.

Enterprise Resource Planning is business software, which has been designed to record and manage enterprise data. It is a system that automates and integrates core business processes and incorporates a coordination that focuses on company effectiveness. Some of the processes possible with Enterprise Resource Planning are taking customer orders, scheduling operations and keeping inventory records and financial data.

The benefits of Enterprise Resource Planning:

The implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning can result in big improvements through the following functions:

  • Assisting in essential business processes and ensuring they are complied with throughout the supply chain.
  • Protecting critical business data through well-defined roles and security access.
  • Plan workloads based on existing orders and forecasts.
  • Providing tools to execute a high level of service.
  • Translating data into decision-making information.

The system offers integration across all business processes, which enhances productivity and increases overall performance. It does quality reports and performance analysis and integrates across the entire supply chain.

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