Digital Architect & Scenario Planner

Digital Architect | Digital Scenario Planner.

I am uniquely equipped to offer this type of service because of my work experience, research and articles. I like to say to people: ‘’I am the type of person who knows something about a lot of things, not a lot about only a few things.’’ Let that statement absorb into your mind. I have an evolving knowledge on a broad variety of services and look at a company’s needs in context of trends for trade on a global and technological scale, both and micro and macro levels. I am a very good Future Thinker and therefore Future Planner. I can help a company become agile and respond to the fast pace technology entrenched world we can expect to emerge in the decade to follow.

In the future, the ability to adapt to change will be more important than a company’s strength over the market place of today. Many businesses are vulnerable with their infrastructure, processes and policies of yesterday, which once served them well, but now create risk of adverse effects and threatening their survival in the new world. I offer an objective, valuable, and thought provoking point of view.

Depending on my Clients needs I prepare presentations, scenarios or roll out strategy plans. I can be used once off or on a project by project basis. I am also open to contract opportunities for longer term company solutions. I consult with any size business, NGOs/NPOs, government and media. I cover:

  • Digital ethics and law,
  • Data science,
  • Internet of Things,
  • Digital connectivity,
  • Smart City solutions,
  • Web and App development,
  • Virtual and Augmented reality,
  • Digital trade / e-money / crypto currencies,
  • Cloud, data storage and processing,
  • Automation,
  • Block chain,
  • Digital safety and security,
  • Gadgets and new technologies,
  • Code and programming,
  • Digital strategy,
  • Green Technology,
  • Sustainable Technology,
  • Social media,
  • Tech staff and supplier sourcing,
  • Improving digital usability, engagement, and client experience,
  • Web marketing,
  • Digital Training and up-skilling.

Jean-Pierre Murray-Kline - Digital Architect & Digital Scenario Planner


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