Green Tech & Future Proofing

Sustainable Green Technology & Future Proofing.

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These areas of technology and trend are probably my greatest interest at the moment as you can see from my public statement included below.

Sustainable Green Technology is all about reversing the negative effects of human activity on our planet and introducing new ways of doing things that offer longevity for our planet and everything on it.

To make our planet future-proof really is all about making it human proof. We need to save humans from our detrimental way of life and practices.

The human race is at a pivotal part of its existence and what we decide to do as a species at a global level over the next 1-50 years will determine our own continued existence.

I research and write on this subject a great deal. Being able to present and workshop solutions for organisations, corporates and even government is a primary interest of mine.

Only working together as a team, which must include all nations, all areas of trade, every culture, in a cooperative environment which has a foundation built on constructive dialogue and the willingness to share resources and skills, can we hand over our planet to the next generation in a better state than it is today.

If we fail to work together now, the results will be absolutely catastrophic.

Today, we decide our legacy.


“I am embarking on a new and exciting journey. Who wants to come with me?
The World is sitting at a cross road. We have never been in this position before. Our potential to do good or bad has never been so great.
Starting in 2019, and continuing for my foreseeable future, I will be working on alternative sustainable power solutions in Africa & expanding access to The Internet of Things. I believe these are the two areas that will help support my end objectives most directly. My goals are to be achieve through several projects, initiatives and hopefully some great joint ventures. I want to:

  1. Improve the standard of living for Africans.
  2. Unite people by using technology as a catalyst.
  3. Position our continent to play a major part in the green revolution.
  4. Support Entrepreneurs and expose job opportunities.
  5. Create a new generation of education.

It is time for Africans, and the World, to operate as a unified species.
We need to become future proof and this means we really have to share and work together.

Practicing tolerance and respect is the foundation of a successful community. We need to operate as one World. Let us set aside our cultural, religious, ethnic, social and economical differences for the betterment of this entire World. Focus on our common interests.

I have run out of patients for hatred in all the varieties it is practiced.
I want to be proud of the Human Soul.”

JPMK, November 2018

Jean-Pierre Murray-Kline - Sustainable Green Technology & Future Proofing


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