Hacked Website Recovery

Hacked Website Recovery

Jean-Pierre Murray-Kline - Hacked Website Recovery

I am approached by and deal with countless companies who have suffered at the hands of cybercriminals.

I can assist with an assessment of damage and advice on possible solutions for recovery and repair. I can also assist with solutions to reduce the chances of a repeat attack.

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What is Hacked Website Recovery?

Hacked website recovery is what happens when a website has been hacked, and the recovery process can follow a few different paths.

The very first thing to do when you’ve discovered that your website has been hacked is to inform your host and find out how they can assist you with expert security assistance. You can also consult your web developer, as web design companies often have security and recovery services available.

The first thing your security service provider will do is establish if the site is in fact hacked and how bad the attack is.

Following the above, typically, the site will be quarantined, which means the website will be taken offline. In many cases, web owners worry that their clientele will not be able to access the site and as a result lose business or produce unhappy clientele. It should be noted that while the website is hacked, the content on it is worthless anyway and having it offline is also in the best interest of the people who use the site. Taking the site offline enables one to complete administrative tasks without any interference and people who access your site will not be confronted with malicious content.

If you really do not want to part with potential clientele, you can redirect your traffic to a static page on a different server. This may be set up at additional costs.

Following that, your security service provider will identify your root vulnerability and work around the problem to restore your content safely.

Lastly, a security strategy will be established, which must be upheld to ensure possible future attacks are minimized and that your site is as safe as it possibly can be.

Consult our agency, we can provide assistance with hacked website recovery.


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