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The Internet of Things is the largest commercial and industrial world-wide movement and revolution man will see in the next 100 years. It will influence every single person alive.

Businesses need to catch up, research, plan and strategize on how to survive in this new world.

I offer a comprehensive service to research a company, its status in context to the Internet of Things and report on recommendations, opportunities, improvements and an overall strategy for survival.

I cover trends and technologies from around the world and specialise in helping companies in Africa.

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What is I.o.T?

The Internet of Things is the interconnection of house hold devices, vehicles and everyday objects through the internet...

The Internet of Things is a new pushbutton way of life that works with the interconnection of everyday items imbedded with electronics, software, sensors and Internet connectivity, which enables them to connect and exchange data. Each object is uniquely identifiable through its computing system but is able to inter-connect via the Internet.

So this means that regular house hold objects, previously mundane in the sense that it required manual operations to work, will now be manufactured with the ability to connect to the Internet. This is true for objects found in the home but stretches to other areas of our everyday lives as well.

In addition to smart homes, the technology will breach out into sectors like agriculture, architecture, transportation and even business, which is referred to as enterprise. Meaning the enterprise systems will specifically aid businesses.

The amount of Internet capable devices increased 31% from 2016 to 8.4billion in 2017. Experts estimate that I.o.T will consist of about 30 billion objects by 2020. This means that machinery, vehicles and house hold objects will be manufactured with the ability to connect to the Internet. Much of the world’s manufacturing is already designed with Internet capabilities. It is a remarkable concept and will change how we do things and use the Internet.

The improvement possibilities are something to get excited about as well; one example being how the technology will be able to alter traffic conditions. Using I.o.T in your vehicle could force users to adhere to speed limits.

Energy management being another area of improvement. The technology can reduce usage, or wastage, of electricity by managing its use. When no one is in a room but the lights are on, the technology will turn it off with sensor technology. If you’ve left some of your house hold technology on while away on holiday, you can turn it off from your phone. If you want your home to be a certain temperature when you get home, you can control the air-conditioning and heating from the office using your phone. With the observation of prior shopping habits, smart shopping allows your fridge to send you a shopping list when you have run out of your favorite juice and can even provide you with information as to where to buy and where it might be on ale.

This means that all your electronic house hold equipment, your vehicles and other physical devices which allow an Internet connection will be able to connect and communicate.

Things the Internet of Things can do:

  • Consumer Applications
  • Smart Homes
  • Enterprise
  • Media
  • Infrastructure Management
  • Manufacturing
  • Agriculture
  • Energy Management
  • Environmental Monitoring’
  • Building and Home Automation
  • Metropolitan Scale Deployments
  • Medical and Healthcare
  • Transportation


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