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Published 1 November 2020


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This is what I have learnt recently and want to share with you.

Magawa, is a rat that recently received a gold medal for his work at finding unexploded landmines in Cambodia. (See image post). This is another example of nature saving our lives.

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Facebook announced the launch of website hosting services and apparently it will be free to businesses. I am certain their plan is to dominate e-coms by taking advantage of social data to increase sales. WhatsApp (owned by Facebook) also made an announcement of a new in App feature for shopping, payments and client services.

Smartfabric is a real thing. ‘Dartmouth College’ and ‘Microsoft Research’ have created ‘Capacitivo’ which can sense changes in electrical charges of items placed on its surface. It has achieved 94.5% accuracy during tests. I can imagine many applications for this. Check this quick video on how well it works:

The Apophis, (a 370 metre asteroid) will come so close to our planet on the 13 of April 2029 it will be visible with our eyes. When it returns around the year 2086 it might be even closer, after all, it is drifting off path by about 170 meters per year.

Asbestos mines could help become carbon sinks and reduce global warming a little for us. Future Thinkers will repurpose old things.

‘Loon balloon’ (a network of stratospheric balloons designed to offer Internet to remote communities) has broken a record of 312 flight days. The company has worked in a number of places around the World including Peru (to help with internet after a magnitude 8.0 earthquake) and in Kenya.

Jean-Pierre Murray-Kline - Internet & Social Media Specialist


www.teraco.co.za (SA Tech Company) has begun construction on a new hyperscale data centre which is expected to be completed within the next 3 years at the cost of around 4 billion Rand. What makes this news special is it will be the largest of its kind on the continent with a building structure of around 50000m2. Centres like these help provide Cloud services.

The island state of Barbados is riding a global trend of people working from home by encouraging people to bring their laptops and join their ‘Welcome Stamp initiative’ to make their new place of work and home on their Island for a full year. The application process is very simple, see: https://barbadoswelcomestamp.bb/ .

Bitcoins value has increased from roughly R659 to R227000 within the last decade and 6 bitcoins could buy two 700k apartments today. The first Estate Agent to accept Bitcoin might do well.

‘Passafree’ was started by a university student called Helga Ortet, and her App is being rolled out around the World. Her business merged with the Portuguese company called Best-Id to create ‘PassiD’ and her overall solutions offers event managers a complete ticket and event calendar service including the ability to do onsite billing using RFID wristbands. It you work in events it is worth downloading the App from the PlayStore to see what it offers.

The Arctic sea ice in Siberia’s Laptev Sea has never taken so long to freeze, this year was a new record.

African countries are reported by the https://public.wmo.int/en to be spending between 2 and 9% of their GDP on climate mitigation. Do you know what climate change is costing your family or business already? I promise it is costing.

Mother Nature continues to give us warnings with new ones emerging all the time, this past week I read that Morocco is about to run out of water. No more dates. (Get the joke?)

Too few of us are aware of the real challenges facing our species. Our way of life is extremely illogical and unsustainable. There are about 15 years before we reach a point of no return.

We are not living smart and our greatest tool: ‘technology’, is still being used incorrectly. Two examples. Each EU citizen ‘imports’ products (via ship and plane) which generates 1 extra tonne of carbon dioxide per year. There are about 13500 nuclear weapons in the World, just sitting there waiting. Each one of them is running up unfathomable costs. The price to extend the lifespan of just one of these idol machines runs into hundreds of billions of Rands. Imagine what we could do if we spent these funds on real global needs like education, research, or how about feeding the hungry or sheltering the homeless?

‘Change’ is not a priority because it is not commercially or politically beneficial. For example, in less than 90 days, the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons will come into effect. The treaty is the first of its type but none of the nine countries that actually have nuclear weapons are participating.

Did you know more children die per day because of bad sanitation or malnutrition than of Covid-19? The numbers are extreme: over 10 000 per day / 3 million a year. It begs the question why these deaths do not get the same attention. Do you know why?

We can save this entire planet and become a sustainable species within the next 20 years by doing just four very simple things. 1. Reducing childbirth by 50%. Do not have a 3rd child. 2. Eating 75% less meat. Learn to be vegetarian a few days a week. 3. Spend money on low carbon and low resource intensive products, services and energy. Buy local and buy green. Do not throw everything away, repurpose or fix. 4. Put leaders into power who understand and prioritize sustainable solutions and integrating us and our technology into the planets eco system. Think about this when you vote. You will notice how few politicians consider these imperative needs.

Be a Future Thinker.


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Jean-Pierre Murray-Kline - Internet & Social Media Specialist


Published 1 November 2020

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