Nugget (2 October 2020)

Published 2 October 2020


Hi Followers.

This is what I have learnt recently and want to share with you.

Donald Trump is still trying to ban TikTok. Journalists in Lesotho are objecting to a government proposal to restrict social media. In South Africa, we have the Internet Censorship Bill pending which I have made several objections against and so should anyone else who believes in Free Speech. Governments must have no control over Media or the Internet.

Illegal mining is expediting the destruction of the indigenous territories in the Amazon. It is estimated there are more than 500000 micro mining operations removing trees. People must stop deforestation immediately. The financial return gained will pale in comparison to the future cost. Humans, Tech and Nature must coexist.

The general public can catch rides in Waymo's driverless vehicles in Phoenix Arizona. (See image post of me sitting in one of their cars). The vehicle reportedly checks you are wearing your Covid-19 mask using a camera.

Jean-Pierre Murray-Kline - Internet & Social Media Specialist


Some scientists at the University of Leeds (UK) have developed a semi-autonomous colonoscopy using a robot. I am not sure what is worse, a person or a robot milling about down there.

I was very pleased to learn Eskom (South Africa’s SOE power utility) has announced they intend to repurpose four fossil fuel plants (Camden, Hendrina, Komati and Grootvlei) into renewable energy plants. The SA government has also announced municipalities in good financial standing can now pursue power generation projects within their own jurisdiction. (It would be nice if Eskom was in good financial standing itself)

On the other side of the coin, I was not pleased to hear the announcement by Gwede Mantashe (of the SA Government) that ‘SA’ is in talks with Saudi Arabia to build a new oil refinery in KwaZulu-Natal. We cannot allow fossil fuel power plants being built in this day and age. It is madness!

Nuscalepower.com (a private Company from USA) has announced their intent to build a new nuclear power plant in South Africa. I wonder how difficult it is to build? Jackson Oswalt (see image post) is a 13 year old in Tennessee USA who has managed recently to build a small nuclear fusion reactor.

Jean-Pierre Murray-Kline - Internet & Social Media Specialist


Yelp.com is adding a feature (in USA) to label businesses accused of racist behaviour. This is not an example of smart tech.

England ‘lost’ 16000 Covid-19 cases because of Microsoft Excel which has a limit to row entries of around 65000.

A shout out to a local South African business called pekkish.co.za, which has a new App that offer Capetonians food delivery service from local companies without the mark-up.

Astronauts are going to install a new toilet on the International Space Station. The cost I have worked out to be around R378 764 000. (Becoming a plumber in space might be a good career choice in the Future World.)

While on the subject of money, a Nigerian Fintech company called Paystack has been purchased by Stripe (stripe.com) at a cost reported to be over 200 million USD. Their software is used for businesses like Amazon, Google, Shopify and Zoom. Tech that processes money also sells for big money. (I wrote an article on ‘how we will be paid in the future’, see my Articles page on my website.)

‘Hotel Sky’ are reportedly opening two new hotels that will use AI Robots, one in Johannesburg in November and the other in Cape Town in February 2021. I can’t wait to see!

To end this post, here are some trend highlights from a recent Gartner.com update you might need to be aware of.

Internet of Behaviours (IoBs) will be programmes half of the world’s population will be subjected to by the year 2025. ‘Distributed Cloud’ is the distribution of public cloud services to different physical locations. It is the next thing in cloud tech. The operation service remains the responsibility of the public cloud provider but the set up creates an agile environment for operational scenarios with low-latency and low data costs. ‘Cyber Security Mesh’ is the new thing for IOT and will allow secure access to any digital asset no matter where it is, or where the person using it is. The solution uses ‘identity’ as a security parameter. ‘Hyperautomation’ is inevitable and irreversible, they state everything that can and should be automated will be. Let’s see how these trends play out.

See you in the Future Thinkers.


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Jean-Pierre Murray-Kline - Internet & Social Media Specialist


Published 2 October 2020

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