Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management

Jean-Pierre Murray-Kline - Online Reputation Management

The Internet can make a company, but it can also break a company.

Every single staff member, supplier and client becomes a liability for online reputation.

I offer a service to assess risk and implement improvements to reduce online reputation damage.

I also offer online reputation damage control.

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What is Online Reputation Management (ORM)?

Online Reputation Management refers to your reputation and image on the Internet. ORM affects individual people, businesses, brands, products, governments and even whole countries.

Initially, the objective is to maintain a positive image on the Internet. There is a psychology to this because ultimately you want people to agree or relate to your brand as well as want them to want what you’re selling. People are reluctant to part with their money as well as their loyalty because of personal bad experiences as well as reviews.

It is also a fact that people complain much quicker than they complement and bad news spreads faster than good news. It is human nature to pick apart the negative details of something or someone and then spread it like wild fire, and it does spread like wild fire.

Online Reputation Management aims to keep your name on the good side of majority and win over the skeptical minority. However, when things go bad, as they sometimes do, you will need to win back the trust of your following as well as extinguish bad feedback in all its forms with good feedback.

There is no simple way to achieve this because people are skeptics by nature and trust is lost far easier than it is gained…never mind regained.

So when it comes to online reputation management there are many things to consider and your online image is, ultimately, built around these considerations. Of course, you can’t win everyone over but as long as your product, service, name or brand is in good standing with the majority.

To achieve this means that you will have to consider the reputation of your business, product or brand in whatever you do.

To build trust you need to connect with your clientele or following and deliver on objectives and promises. Highlight the good things. For instance, if your company is environmentally friendly, this is a good point to push forward. If your brand is active in charitable projects, display your experiences on video or blog content.

However, when things go bad, the process gets a little more complicated. Your every move goes under careful scrutiny and people will take anything relevant and attach a negative perspective to it. How you interact, what you say, how you react, how you aim to do damage control or aid injured parties as well as the type of information you provide, how you provide it and where becomes vital points that will require careful planning and consideration before implementing or executing.

A few pointers to consider when you are trying to win back the trust and loyalty of your followers:

  • Highlight good feedback.
  • Remove as much bad feedback as possible.
  • Stay professional and sincere in your reactions.
  • Provide assistance where damage was done.
  • Reimburse or provide financial assistance if your followers were so affected.
  • Proceed always with respect, understanding and compassion.

These are very basic tips to accommodate, but in the instance that your image is at risk, the best way to gain back the trust of your following is to consult a professional.

Consult our agency with an enquiry, we can provide delicate and professional assistance.


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