SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, or in my words RBRNW (Relentless Boring Repetitive Nerd Work)

SEO is essentially manipulation of website content and code to help webpages and websites compete for better positions on search engines.

No one knows for certain how search engines actually rank websites, there are many theories, and many debates between nerds. Everyone’s opinion is debatable. Except mine. No, even mine. However, it is safe to say anyone who says they can get you 1st position or sells a once off SEO product is a complete fraud.

Thousands of website design companies offer SEO with their websites. Only one has achieved 1st position on google, and it happens to be the one I own.

Don’t buy SEO from someone who cannot do it for their own business and achieve the results they want to charge you for.

Jean-Pierre Murray-Kline - SEO Specialist

What I have done is simplified SEO into two categories:

  • Tasks that can only be done once. (creates foundation)
  • Tasks that can be repeated. (builds your house)

These tasks are outlined in the SEO certificate my company provides clients. It is the only certificate I know of that is independent of search engines and as comprehensive as it is.

Some SEO tasks can be done by normal people and some entry level website designers. Others cannot. SEO is now extremely complicated and even more boring. I compare it to sitting in traffic between Johannesburg and Pretoria because you need at least 2 hours a day for that trip, and for SEO.

The biggest mistake made is the assumption that SEO is a once off task, and I am afraid the majority of SEO is not. 10% is once off, 90% has to be done time and time again.

My theory for what is worth is build the best foundation possible by assessing what your competitors have done, and better it. Then, repeat the tasks of your competitor more frequently than they are.

SEO does take time, and results can be achieved faster if research is done, and a roll out plan put together and stuck to. I specialize in research, creating the plan, and assisting with roll out implementation.