Social/Affiliate Marketing

Social media and affiliate marketing is extremely infuriating and intrusive BUT when done correctly it is the least costly way to build a brand of a company or product.

Affiliate marketing by my definition is simply marketing on other peoples or companies websites or platforms. I also broadly use this term for smart device marketing.

Just on a quick note of smart device marketing, specifically apps. I am making a public note now that apps will be dead in 3 years or less. Apps tried to be websites, websites tried to be apps. Websites will win because they cost less and there is more support and therefore more options for function and have an established platform. Simple.

Social media by my definition is any platform you can add a person, note or comment and communicate publically.

Social media and affiliate marketing is very often incorrectly used. This is why people do not see a return. Extremely obvious mistakes are made time and time again. Not enough research is done, bad roll and extremely irrelevant content are the main culprits for poor return.

Social media and affiliate marketing is the fastest changing web marketing medium, and every week a new tool or product is out. Just keeping up with trends can use your entire budget.

There is a very simple way to make social media and affiliate marketing work for you. In fact, all web marketing has one underlying rule for success.

Jean-Pierre Murray-Kline - Social Media Marketing Specialist