Social Media Management

Social Media Management

Most businesses are not equipped or skilled to set up, maintain or grow their social media and it is often less costly to outsource these duties than to manage them in-house. To name a few of the services I offer in this field:

  • Research,
  • Strategy development,
  • Platform set-up,
  • Integration with company website,
  • Content creation for text and images,
  • Video creation,
  • Management,
  • Response plans and management,
  • Training,
  • Marketing campaigns for social media, planning and roll out.

In some cases clients will use me to design and set up their online social media and then train their staff to manage the platforms. In most cases I am contracted to manage campaigns on an annual basis. Most of my solutions management solutions include within the fee are content creation on a monthly basis including a short video, some images and text, and also boosted campaigns to increase engagement.

Prices examples:

  • Set up from R6500 ex vat, once off.
  • Management from R4500 ex vat per month.
  • Once off social media marketing campaigns, from R3500 ex vat.
  • Once off video creation, from R3500 ex vat.

The majority of clients need custom solutions so I always work on a price per client.

If you would like to read my Article on this subject, and others, please see the Articles page.

If you are interested, please make contact with me via the contact page for an estimate price on services and my availability.

Jean-Pierre Murray-Kline - Social Media Management

Jean-Pierre Murray-Kline - Social Media Management


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