Website & App Development

Website & App Development

Jean-Pierre Murray-Kline - Website & App Development

Through my line of work and company, I am able to develop and create just about any website, app and online store.

I can also assist with ensuring that the solution has the best integration across platforms, submit to search engines and, if applicable, app stores or other affiliates.

I can also help with licenses, hosting and maintenance.

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If you are interested, please make contact with me via the contact page for an estimate price on services and my availability.

What is Website and App development?

Web development refers to the specialized practice of creating a website and the purpose of which is to operate on the Internet. It takes a specialized person to develop a website since it requires working with code in programs or programming languages specifically designed to develop websites. There are also content management systems available in which websites can be developed without the use of code. However, this still requires a high level of skill.

Basic websites consist of three standard pages and a contacts page.

  • Home Page
  • About Page
  • Services/Products
  • Contacts Page

More elaborate websites may incorporate more pages. Online stores require E-Commerce websites, which will have your standard pages as well as category and product pages. An example of which is a category for jeans and then product pages for each of the jeans for sale at your company. This website will also have a virtual shopping cart, check-out function and plug-ins, which is a payment gateway, like PayFast or PayPal.

App development is likewise the specialized practice of creating mobile applications. This is done with programming languages such as C++ or Java. Using these programs or others alike, one can create gaming apps, information apps, apps linked to businesses and even computer apps.

Different programming languages have different functions or work better for certain purposes. For instance, some programming languages are better with automatic visual adjustments while others are better for graphic frameworks, while others are good for step by step instructions. Apps are developed using these languages for the purpose of downloading and using it for its purpose with one easy click.

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