About Jean-Pierre Murray-Kline

Who is Jean-Pierre Murray-Kline?

Jean-Pierre Murray-Kline is a Digital Architect & Scenario Planner. He is an expert in Innovation, Technology Trends, IoT, Disruptive Technology, Sustainable Green Solutions, Future Proofing, Cyber Security, Web & Social Media marketing and services, as well as Virtual & Augmented reality services. He is a South African Entrepreneur, published Author and Keynote Speaker. Jean-Pierre has made millions off the Internet for his own company and his clients. Read about his services and more about him using the website menu.



Born in 1983 to a large family, raised in Cape Town, started own company at the age of 16 and invoiced first million by age 19.

Since then Jean-Pierre has worked on many projects covering no less than 300 types of industries in one way or another, travelled to over 35 cities world-wide, has a keen interest on businesses in Africa and absolutely loves the benefits of smart technology solutions.

Jean-Pierre’s skillset are self-taught, and led to millions in sales off the internet. The majority of ventures he has been involved with have either dominated or held a monopoly on the web.

He operates his own company, has a private consultancy, writes, researches, and works with select clients and projects in which he shares his expertise.

His experience covers industries such as, and to name only a few: Law, Marketing, Internet of Things, Property, Events & Entertainment, Photography & Studios, Tourism, Business Management, App and Website Development, PR, Brand and Company development.

Jean-Pierre has a unique ability to understand African companies and merges their needs with technology solutions for a better business.

He is a Future Thinker.


  • Web Marketing.
  • Keynote Talks.
  • Disruptive Technologies Specialist.
  • Website & App Development.
  • Training.
  • Research.
  • Cyber Security.
  • I.o.T.
  • Online Reputation Management.
  • Data Access Management (A-M) Services.
  • Custom Programming Solutions.
  • VR & AR (Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality).
  • Sustainable Green Technology & Future Proofing.