Lessons from the Coronavirus for the Future Thinker. (July 2020)

Published July 2020

Lessons from the Coronavirus for the Future Thinker.

Hi Future Thinker.

As conscious beings, change comes only once we decide upon it. Unfortunately we don’t always make decisions when needed, and once we have it is occasionally not the finest choice, resulting in a stumble, a fall, and landing of ourselves into a very unpleasant situation. Only then do we amend our habits, and in this extreme situation, change the very trajectory of our species.

Scenario planning must be part of all business strategies as we take a step into the Future World. The manuscript (Lessons from the Coronavirus for the Future Thinker) offers insight on what we have learnt from Coronavirus, our reaction to a natural disaster and how to prepare for more in the coming years. I cover several themes, such as ‘We should have known’, ‘What made us unstable?’, ‘Our fall’, ‘Looking back.’ and ‘Lessons’,

I discuss 5 scenarios for the Future World and give points of certainty covering sectors, such as but not limited to: Food Security, Education, Medical, Banks and Business. The manuscript is available as an E-Book/Paperback or a keynote /e-talk. If you would like a free PDF version, reply to this email to request one.

Jean-Pierre Murray-Kline - Internet & Social Media Specialist

E-Book / Kindle. Free on Kindle Unlimited, or 4 USD to purchase. Paperback. 12 USD

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Published July 2020

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