Meet a renewable energy company (January 2021)

Published January 2021

Meet a renewable energy company

All South African businesses and communities are reliant on electricity that originates from fossil fuel production. We would be crippled without it. In this day and age this is an unacceptable fact and Future Thinkers need to be making a lot of noise about this. I can write books about the subject, but that is not what this article is about.

What I want to do is address the reason people are not yet using alternative power, and challenge and hopefully debunk the myth or perception that renewable energy is complicated and costly.

The fact is, obtaining energy from the sun and earth has never cost less and the price keeps dropping. I could talk about the resistance by some corporates and governments to prevent us from taking advantage of this and becoming a green civilization, but that again is a subject for another article and is certainly an interesting and complex topic.

What I want to get across today, is that when done right (using a professional) a sustainable and renewable energy generation system at the home or office, will be simple, save money, protect the environment and also give you a sense of independence. There is a wonderful feeling that comes with knowing you are not reliant on a power provider with services that are untrustworthy and have ever increasing costs. I won’t even go into the pure rage that comes with dealing with their billing department.

Jean-Pierre Murray-Kline - Renewable Energy


With this in mind, I wanted to introduce you to a company called InvestEnergy, who can provide a number of sustainable power solutions. No one paid me to do this article and I am not endorsing the company. This article is done in pursuit of bettering our society and helping the planet, through education and access to information. Let me bullet point what this business does:

  • Solar power provider to generate electricity for lights, machines, gadgets and gizmos for your home, office or farm. Let’s not forget the sun can of course provide us with a nice hot bath or shower at no expense.
  • Backup power provider. Storage and back up of power is an important part of going off the grid or reducing the risk of downtime if you are still connected to the main power grid.
  • Optimization Consulting. This is when a professional goes through all your systems with a fine tooth comb and makes sure every connected gadget is being as efficient as possible, therefore using less power and further reducing your costs.
  • Financing, provided via their office using major banks. A typical home can spend around R 1750+/- per month on a solar system which will reduce their electricity bill by 80% plus. This price example is based on bond finance and for some people the price is very near to what they are paying for their electricity already. You would be dropping your carbon footprint and related costs to the environment. This is a direct investment in the future of the next generation and all the little critters we share this planet with.

Their company has some admirable business themes like client support and competitive pricing. I also really like this innovative product, where the entire roof structure is solar, take a look at this cool video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=92ELWJY3BGo&feature=youtu.be

Added with their national network which is approaching nearly 40 independent providers, it really does sound like a good company to make contact with to get a quote. Check out their website: www.investenergy.co.za or contact them directly on WhatsApp +27 72 230 5366 or email: info@investenergy.co.za

On a separate yet related note, many sustainable and renewable solutions have got additional benefits for you, for example they can increase your property value and there are often tax deductions involved. I would like to see more of the equipment used to provide sustainable solutions manufactured locally, and if one of my Followers has such a business, please leave a note in the comment section.

I would also like to know if there is a corporate out there that would like to partner with me to set up a renewable power system in a small informal settlement I have identified. I want to prove this solution can work for settlements as well.

Keep the power on, make sure its green power, be a Future Thinker!

Jean-Pierre Murray-Kline - Sustainable Energy


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Published Janaury 2021

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