Nugget (11 August 2021)

Published 11 August 2021


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South Africa is probably the first country in the World to allow a Patent by an AI entity. This has recently happened because our laws are slightly different and perhaps not prepared to deal with such matters. The result has been an interlocking food and beverage container patent awarded by South Africa’s Companies and Intellectual Property Commission, with the ‘inventor’ detailed as DABUS. (An AI entity designed in the UK).


The United Nations do not have ‘rules’ to deal with AI, but the European Commission recently published a proposal for regulation on artificial intelligence. This is the first proposal of its kind.


Some Jargon to know: ‘WISP’ means ‘written information security plan’, something all businesses should have.


Apple CEO has praised ‘Queensland’s’ technology and innovation for their App and coding. If Tim is impressed maybe we should pay some attention, after all, coding is an vital career sector in the future world.


A shout out to two continental innovators!

‘Simpluz Tecnologias’ from Angola have developed a fact checking App called ‘Nuxo’ which uses AI. The App is available on Facebook and via their website. It is free and easy to use. I tried it out on a News24 article. See: https://www.nuxo.ao/?fbclid=IwAR1ed2DB_lPiE9USk-naYsTXJmX_xdJFgXa8TOD5c9sOnENC49yqXHd11WU


‘Kwaanda Lab’ is from Rwanda. Their inspiration from the get go was to create wireless electricity for all gadgets, which you can imagine is no small task. Here is a quick video to check out some of their work: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=404165710512129


All I want to write about at the moment is Climate Change. The ‘United Nations Climate Change Report ‘Red Alert’ for our Planet’ deserves its own post, but let me share one related nugget.

Greenland's enormous ice sheet has suffered a massive melting event. The article I read said enough ice vanished in a single day to cover the whole of Florida USA in five centimetres of water. How insane is that! Since the 27th of July 2021, about 9.3 billion tons of ice have been lost per day.


According to Bitcoin trading platform ‘Paxful’, Nigeria is now the second biggest player in the market for bitcoin trading, with only the USA beating them.


A quick thumbs up to www.tripplo.co who appear to be receiving awards for being ‘the most innovative company for the year 2021’ in SA. They deal with transport logistics and have a heavy focus on Tech. I really do like some of their client feedback on the site.

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Published 11 August 2021

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