Nugget (13 October 2021)

Published 13 October 2021


Bite size updates on the real important stuff related to Tech, Trends, Business and the Planet.


It’s not too early to talk about 2022. January the 26th 2022, you might be interested in the Free Virtual Digital Retail Africa 2022 Conference. I don’t have a link yet, but its worth pencilling in your diary for now.

Don’t have a 2022 diary yet? Get planning Future Thinker!


‘South Africa is the 12th biggest source of greenhouse gases in the World’ so say some reports. I say, prepare! It’s coming soon!


The National Climate Change Bill and all sorts of laws and regulations that will allow government to roll out real climate-related measures and impose rules on people and business.

It is necessary.


South Africans litter all the time, I see it every week. It’s a sign of low self-respect.

Did you know the 18th of September was World Clean-up Day?

Apparently 180 countries and 20 million people were involved. I had no idea! It was by chance I learnt it from this site: https://www.worldcleanupday.nl/en/


Mr Goxx is making money and his lifetime career performance is reported to be up by around 20%, which is better than many professional traders. BTW, Mr Goxx is a hamster. An actual fluffy hamster. It is worth a quick Google. His trading office is most interesting. See image post.


TikTok says 1 billion people now use its App every month. I am not one of them, but my mom is.


In September, the South African judiciary system was compromised by cyber criminals. So many government and related institutions have been attacked successfully: Transnet, Eskom, SARS, IEC, to name just a few reported. Have you secured your company website yet? See: https://www.websitedesign.co.za/websecurity.html


The Financial Action Task Force and the Eastern and Southern Africa Anti-Money Laundering Group have published a serious report about major ‘issues’ with cryptocurrency regulations in South Africa, and now have 18 months to get things sorted out. See: http://www.treasury.gov.za/.../Mutual-Evaluation-Report...

Have you invested in any type of e-money yet? Made a loss or profit?


A shout out to this business! Exceptional stuff. Please take a quick look at their site: https://silulo.com/ and follow on social media to keep up to date with their innovative ways and news: https://www.facebook.com/UluthoSiluloTec

The more Future Thinkers we have like this, the better Africa can become!


Google “Dr Patrick Soon-Shiong”. He is a billionaire doctor and scientist, born in Gqeberha South Africa, and appears to be set to help with some awsum tech-o-vation. Perhaps worth keeping a hopeful eye on.


Finally, I know 2021 has been the sequel of 2020 for many. Towards the end of each year we (me, colleagues, friends and family + clients and suppliers) try to feed some of the destitute and contribute towards an educational project. There are thousands of hungry children and education is a crucial ingredient for the development of South Africa. A donation from R25 will help with a meal and if you have not found a project to support this year, please consider supporting one of ours. Overview: https://www.saonline.africa/community.html | Each donation will be thanked on our social media feed. An EFT can be made to:

SA Online. ABSA. | Account No: 4072144985. | Branch Code: 632005. Type of Account: Cheque. In the payment reference please detail: “Charity + your initials”

We can provide a receipt and bank verification letter. charity@saonline.africa

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Published 13 October 2021

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