Nugget (1 April 2021)

Published 1 April 2021


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Future Thinkers, here is your news…

It has been announced that South African traffic officers will be issued with body cameras. When this will be done by has not been announced. I hope this will reduce abuse by officials. I also wonder if this video data will be protected and be POPI compliant.

Are you in the events or entertainment industry? Come join my free 30 minute e-talk, 11 April @ 11am, on what the sector was, is and will become. See info:

A new e-hailing service will be starting in Cape Town soon, this time by China’s Didi Chuxing. Let me know if anyone uses the new app and the experience please.

Heard of ‘Pinduoduo’? As a company they are now ‘bigger’ than Alibaba. Take a quick squiz at their site: https://en.pinduoduo.com/ . They are the largest agriculture focused Tech platform in China with over 780+ million buyers as of March 2021.

Karpowership (a huge power ship) will be supplying 1220 megawatts of electricity to South Africans at a cost of R218 billion over the next 20 years. This solution still uses fossil fuels so I am not thrilled. Reports say there will be 3 ships in total, each with their own locations: Coega, Richards Bay and Saldanha.

Here is an extremely inspiring short video. It covers cleaning the ocean, plastic from sugar, cocktails from seaweed, six packs saving animals, new beaches from your soft drink bottles, cutlery you can eat, water in the wall, animal meat without a single animal dying and creating electricity through dance, replacing leather clothes with pineapple leaves! Watch it now, it is so good! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hof0Sss2138

I have learnt www.advtech.co.za transitioned 75000 students to online lessons without losing a single academic day. Are any of my Followers their students?

Does China have its own type of Google? Yip, it’s called Baidu.

Do you know what Ecocide is? It is any action by us that decimates the eco system of any given environment. It can involve activities like oil spills, mining, livestock farming and tar sand extraction. This means livestock farming could within the next few years become illegal or at the very least become heavily regulated. The subject is under consideration by the International Criminal Court (ICC). If accepted, 123 member countries will need to implement change.

Rwanda is shining again. This time making furniture, clothes, creating jobs while saving the environment from old tyres! Take a look at this quick video:

News from Kenya: you can now use Bolt to order food from around 200 restaurants.

I have written about Estonia (the country) before, and I learnt a new nugget: €7000 is the ‘cap’ on small claims disputes that can be settled by Artificial Intelligence in Estonia.

To end, a big shout out to Uber who has announced 1 million trips to teachers around the World to and from vaccination appointments. Now that there is a way to get to the vaccine, we wait patiently for it.

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Published 1 April 2021

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