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Published 1 March 2021


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4 quick nuggets today.

Well done to Spotify who has announced they are launching in 39 African countries over the next few weeks. I like their emphasis on future earnings for their contributors, something that needs improvement based on reports that suggest not too much money has landed in artists accounts. # Thumbs up for making provision within your plans to sell merchandise and tickets to shows.

F@cebook and the Australian Government had a major tiff a week ago.

Their government wanted F@cebook to pay for news group content and in response F@cebook turned off news services, affectively creating an online media blackout in the region. F@cebooks competitor Microsoft was backing the bill which the Australian Government was punting to ensure compensation took place.

In the end F@cebook came back to the table and will now discuss ways for news contributors to be compensated. The flexing of ‘e-muscles’ online between states and online business will intense in the future, as will the siding of corporates into camps which serve their best interests. We must make sure we do not become casualties of this war.

The Biden administration is revisiting the social cost of carbon costs policy, which links monetary value on the impact on climate change for their citizens and businesses. This is yet another positive step the 2nd largest** contributor to greenhouse gases is making since Tr%mp left office.

South Africa is about the 14th largest** greenhouse gas emitter World-wide and most South Africans have no idea. Unfortunately South Africans in general remain oblivious of our part in climate change never mind the threats to their home and businesses. People who pollute or enable pollution have a lack of pride for their country and low self-respect for themselves and others. Throwing rubbish out of taxis, leaving empty bottles of alcohol in the roads, having residents from affluent suburbs sending their waste to plots of land to be out of sight and mind are not acceptable practices.

Future Thinkers speak out and act, sharing information and news is a big part of our job, for example, there was a major environmental disaster in Israel last month where hundreds of tonnes of tar washed onto stretches of beach covering more than 160kms. The image post is an example of just one animal that paid the price for us. Corporates must be held accountable for the damage they do.

Jean-Pierre Murray-Kline - Internet & Social Media Specialist

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** can vary based on latest data.


Jean-Pierre Murray-Kline
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Jean-Pierre Murray-Kline - Internet & Social Media Specialist


Published 1 March 2021

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