Nugget (1 March 2022)

Published 1 March 2022


Nuggets! (Bite size updates on the real important stuff related to Tech, Trends, Business and the Planet.)


Some Swiss ‘nerds’ have helped a man with a severed spinal cord walk. This is the first time something like this has been done! As the article on the link below explains, this was an achievement of Human Will power as well as technology.



MIT has developed a new Programming Language for High-Performance Computers called a ‘Tensor Language’. If this is the kind of stuff that interests you check it out at: https://scitechdaily.com/mit-develops-new-programming-language-for-high-performance-computers/


I have always enjoyed my time in Botswana. This remarkable nation with so few citizens compared to others, has announced its intent to build its biggest Renewable Power Plant. Wonderful stuff! No more fossil fuels! See more: https://www.dailymaverick.co.za/article/2022-02-08-botswana-aims-to-build-its-biggest-renewable-power-plant-yet/


Have you cut down the amount of meat you eat, plan on only having two babies, and already recycling, all in an effort to reduce your families carbon footprint impact? Why not try a compos system? Here is an article to help you get started:



Favourite text line from an article I read: ‘You can’t recycle? That’s rubbish!’


Why are we still buying fossil fuel cars? Is government the issue, the car dealers or us? We cannot buy e-cars due to their high prices, lack of supporting infrastructure (charging stations) and other issues like resale and depreciation concerns. Here is an article update on the subject. Bad political policies can hamper change. Let’s stop buying fossil fuel cars and demand better options now.



Imagine if less than 50% of our seacoasts were intact? The truth is we might be nearing as little as 15%. Please think of this the next time you see a new development by the ocean, or people not picking their trash up on the beach. There are simply too many people on this planet for us all to have a Seaview.



Mara Phones is for Sale. I was so sad to hear this. When this factory was first announced I wrote about it with such excitement. Was this a case of a great idea in the wrong hands? See related article:



Websites are boring compared to Apps & Social Media?

The truth is they are. This is because most people go with a cookie cut, CMS template, and they all have similar features and look and feel. This is fine if your objective was a functional and well-priced website for people to get simple information from and make contact with you. But what happens if you want your clients to go “WOW”, or

  • be entertained,
  • interact,
  • visit your site more often,
  • tell their friends about it?

There are several trends & features you probably don’t even know about, because most people wont invest more than the basic costs for their home on the web, which boggles my mind because it is literally your shop ‘online’. Why do people pay R10 000 per month rent for a small shop at the back of a mall, but wont spend the same for their shop online, which lets be honest, can get more visitors and do more business, especially in the coming years. Has your website designer even mentioned these trends and innovations to you?

  • Gender neutral colours.
  • Split screen layouts.
  • Parallax movement.
  • Websites that know who the user is, greeting by name.
  • Website for fun. Literally, designed so they are fun to be used! When last did you put that in a brief?
  • 3D illustrations.
  • Mouse focal points.
  • SVG animations.

Take 10 minutes and watch these two awsum short videos. Your mind will be blown on the potential. You can chat to the team at www.websitedesign.co.za for quotes.


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Published 1 March 2022

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