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Published 25 January 2021


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Hello Future Thinkers.

I have an important question for you. Are the Cov$d v@ccines technically a vaccine or a treatment? Anyone dare an answer?

I am missing the online climate change event I said I would be attending and writing about for you: www.cas2021-onlinesummit.com/. Unfortunately my mother in law passed away and I need to attend to that. I am very bleak about both of these things, but very happy on related news on the subject of climate change: that being the USA is taking steps towards joining the Paris Agreement again. This is important because they are either the 1st or 2nd (depending on a number of factors) country creating the most pollution.

Climate Change can increase the intensity of hurricanes, typhoons and cyclones. For example, in the USA, North Atlantic Basin area, between the years 1966-2009, had an average number of 11 tropical storms each year, with about six becoming hurricanes. Then between 2000-2014 the average jumped to over 15 tropical storms, with seven becoming hurricanes.

Back home we are dealing with the Tropical Storm Eloise, which in our Northern provinces has destroyed roads, bridges and upset a lot of chickens. The same storm displaced nearly 7000 people in Mozambique. Global Warming in addition to creating more storms is also likely to slow them down and make them last longer, therefore creating more havoc. South Africa and its communities are not well prepared for natural disasters.

The subject of Climate Change must become part of the school syllabus. There is now international labour unions representing over 200 million members and teachers within 178 countries supporting this objective, but lessons must start at home with us.

In December 2020, Microsoft announced a process for uploading data about a deceased person’s likeness to create a custom chatbot. They said they can use photos and voice recordings to create 3D renderings. Would you use such a chatbot?

The oldest permanent observatory in the southern hemisphere turned 200 years a few months ago. It is The Royal Observatory in Cape Town. See post image. I hope to be doing some interviews very soon with the South African Space Agency. I am waiting for Daleen to get back to work in February.

Jean-Pierre Murray-Kline - Internet & Social Media Specialist

If you have not yet seen my article about InvestEnergy (a SA Tech company offering sustainable power solutions and finance for home, office and farm) the article is live at link below and well worth a quick read.

Question for the Nature Lover. In this post is a picture of a cave from a hike I did this past week. Anyone know where I was? Brownie points up for grabs.

Jean-Pierre Murray-Kline - Internet & Social Media Specialist

Jean-Pierre Murray-Kline - Internet & Social Media Specialist

To end this post, let’s do some Cybersafety!

If you get an email from any entity that appears to be one on my list below, make doubly sure it is not a brand phishing attack.

  • Microsoft,
  • DHL
  • LinkedIn
  • Amazon
  • Rakuten
  • IKEA
  • Google
  • Paypal
  • Chase
  • Yahoo

Chat soon Future Thinkers


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Jean-Pierre Murray-Kline - Internet & Social Media Specialist


Published 25 January 2021

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