Nugget (5 May 2021)

Published 5 May 2021


Bite size updates on the real important stuff related to Tech, Trends, Business and the Planet.

I am presenting a no-charge public keynote talk in Cape Town very soon on Ethical and Sustainable business. Want to join? See more info: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=311407337008967&id=100044191098239


In Uganda, business: https://texfad.co.ug is using banana fibres to make environmentally friendly things such as carpets, hair extensions and even a type of cotton. Very impressive!


Two shout-outs and thumbs ups for local Future Thinkers!

The first one to Aune Aunapuu who has a South African e-business which is an excellent example of a circular economy company. Aunes business offers person to person resale of 2nd hand quality clothing / fashion items, of course using tech and online payment solutions. Her website: https://www.yaga.co.za/

The second shout out goes to the duo Candice Mostert and Matt Baker of https://waste-ed.co.za/ | They are two Future Thinkers behind the movement of ‘EcoBricks’ and also a force for education on waste management. They even have a ‘track your trash’ app! An info-video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k_ODneNc1RE&t=50s


Moving further abroad.

Here is a really interesting video about a biotech company using parts (root structure) of Mushrooms to manufacture lots of very interesting things like ‘bacon*’, replacement leather and even packaging. Their website is https://ecovativedesign.com and a cool demo video can be seen at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uznXI8wrdag


An Israeli food company is leading the way with the world's first slaughter-free rib-eye steak. They are called ‘Aleph Farms’ (https://aleph-farms.com/). They offer cruelty-free steaks produced using 3D bioprinting technology.


According to recent data by the University in Ireland and University College London, the Atlantic Ocean circulation (Gulf Stream) is at its weakest it has been in about 1000 years. Climate change is a probable cause. Any major changes to our oceans can result in catastrophe.

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Published 5 May 2021

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