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Published 8 February 2021


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Hi Followers! How are you all doing? Do any of you know the movie Dirty Dancing? Who do you think is a better dancer, Patrick Swayze or the bots from BostonDynamics.com? This is a must watch video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fn3KWM1kuAw

Let me know what you think.

The USA is taking more steps towards combating the Climate Crisis (and it is a crisis) with three new executive orders recently signed, part of which include the objective of 100% clean electricity by the year 2035. Meanwhile in South Africa, I have learnt that Gwede Mantashe is punting new coal and nuclear power plants to solve the 16000 MW shortfall South Africa will have come the year 2030. Other than this being a step in the wrong direction, it also takes too long to build those type of power plants, so the idea is a fail before it even starts. The only option is renewable energy but Government is still waffling with legislation to open up the market. Why do you think that is?

I am not a political writer, but politics do influence the implementation of tech solutions. With that point made, I must state a fact: South Africa has a pandemic called Corruption and it is preventing progress. To overcome this, people must become less forgiving of those who are hurting their future. Good people must speak out, and you can use Technology to instigate change. Be louder and more active than those who do harm.

Onto some positivity…

It is good to give credit where due, so here is a quick shout out to tech giant MTN who has announced it is donating $25 million to support the African Union’s C0VID-19 vaccination programme. If you have not yet read my article about 5G infrastructure being destroyed in Durban and what 5G in general is, this is a goodie: https://www.jeanpierremurraykline.co.za/shananigansaround5...

Who has the record of maintaining the longest self-imposed lock down in the World? It could very well be Ida Wood who managed 24 years, a story well worth Googling. Of course, the lock downs we are being subjected are government inflicted and void of choice. Future Thinkers have to ensure this does not happen again.

An African Innovation shout out to Hudson Asiema, who developed ‘The Kenya Sign Language Finger Spelling’ application, which has supported over 4000 deaf schoolchildren with remote learning. Check the app out here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details...

Thumbs up to South African businesses Sabi Sands and Makanyi Private Game Lodge who are implementing a fleet of electric Land Rovers for their game drives. Brilliant. See Image Post. Nairobi appears to making some good progress as well with electronic transport, in conjunction with Finland’s electric taxi service https://nopearide.com/ . Together they appear to be planning on tripling their fleet in Kenya's capital in 2021.

Jean-Pierre Murray-Kline - Internet & Social Media Specialist

Interested in technical training? Sol-Tech vocational college has opened up in Centurion. Take a look at their f@cebook page for more information. They are offering campus visits. Link: https://www.facebook.com/soltech/


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Jean-Pierre Murray-Kline - Internet & Social Media Specialist


Published 8 February 2021

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