Social/Affiliate Marketing

Social media and affiliate marketing are extremely infuriating and intrusive. BUT when done correctly it is the least costly way to build a brand or product for a company and generate a supplementary if not full income.

Three groups:

Affiliate Marketing, by my definition, is simply marketing other company goods and services. You use your own platforms, clients and/or followers and direct prospective traffic and clients to another company, and with tracking codes, you are able to earn commission.

Social Media, by my definition, is any platform you can add marketing to or share personal experiences and notes. It is any online platform in which you can punt goods, services, wears or build a brand, for your own company or services.

AdSense, or similar, is when you earn funds by directing traffic from your own platform to another company platform. By directing traffic, you earn an income. It does not have to become a billable client.

Social media and affiliate marketing are very often incorrectly used. This is why people do not see a return. Extremely obvious mistakes are made time and time again. Not enough research is done; bad roll-out and extremely irrelevant content are the main culprits for poor return.

See my articles page for information on each group.

Jean-Pierre Murray-Kline - Social Media Marketing Specialist