Some people are doing much better than others (August 2019)

Jean-Pierre Murray-Kline


Business Owner? This one is for you.
***Some people are doing much better than others

I have shifted my publishing date for my next article called ‘Old money verse new Money’ to accommodate this one. I was inspired by a few recent experiences and the subject needs to be addressed right now for Business Owners.

I know the management teams of many businesses are asking themselves where their clients have gone, and with them, all their money. I work with economists and I do not think they are extremely thrilled with the information they are generating for the public – much like a doctor having to break the news to a terminally ill patient. I would go as far as to say they are professionally frustrated and depressed.

In the last 20 months or so I have seen an ever-increasing rise in the physical evidence of a struggling nation as a result of unemployment in South Africa. For those who don’t know what I am talking about, all I can say is blessed are the naïve, or I pity the ignorant.

My initial inspiration for this article came from an experience not so long ago, where I was offered the equivalent of R65 000 per month to do some posts on my social media account. I am not sharing this to brag but rather to make the point that some people are doing better than others and that there is money out there if you look in the right places.

The second source of inspiration came from a short debate I had with someone that accused me of pushing my opinions on others. I enjoy constructive debate because it forces me to look at subjects from another angle, so it actually improves my skills and is, therefore, a necessary evil in my line of work. However, in this instance, the person I was dealing with was reacting to a fictional piece of writing I had published, and arguing non-facts is illogical and a total waste of time. I couldn’t finish the last email from him because he had moved onto attacking me on a personal level. Shame on him.

I am not sharing this point in hopes that you will feel sorry for me, but rather to give an example that people sometimes take a stance based on factually incorrect information, and that is nonsensical and dangerous, as their reactions can materialise into a negative physical result.

I didn’t continue a debate with this person for another important reason: it is not my job to change people’s point of view. My job is to share new information, often about technology, in the hopes that they contemplate how their future might be influenced.

To be honest, I do from time to time get a little worried that the future might have millions of people living in denial or at best reacting on incorrect information. Could this be our society’s greatest risk for a failed outcome? Or, will technology itself thin out the herd? For clarification, I am not suggesting people are going to die by the hands of robots. Not directly anyway, but depending on how you link cause and affect you may very well argue hundreds of thousands of people are going to die or at best be unhappier because of the changes in technology happening right now.


What am I referring to?

Let me use an example from my debate with the person who objected to my fictional piece of writing. His opinion was that technology was not going to improve our lives at all, that we were all going to be very unhappy living in Smart Cities, and we are meant to be living in a natural environment. He said we needed open land. The reason I disagree with this person’s opinion was on the grounds of his unrealistic expectations. I did not disagree that we would all be far happier with a nice big piece of land. Of course, most of us would. Smart Cities will happen, and unfortunately, if you think that our future involves huge residential land, your cheese has fallen off its cracker.

Think about the fact that up and until now, and even before the birth of industry 4.0 or IoT, not everyone had land, never mind a large plot. The reason for this is money mixed with bad social ethics, and nothing to do with technology.

Super rich create super poor. This social norm was never going to fix itself because of the way we have built our societies and the very way trade services and goods depends on us having an imbalanced society. How many politicians have you heard pleading for the rights of the poor and then once done, they get into their luxury car and head off to one of their many homes?

Still, we listen to their promises, we then vote for the good they say, but at the same time deep down inside know that we don’t want to part with the wealth we have accumulated. We know we will protect what we have and frequently hesitate to share. We do this for the survival for our own loved ones because we know that in the society we live in if we don’t look after ourselves or family, no one will.

Also consider, even if we fixed bad social ethics and gave everyone enough money for land, one day in the near future there won’t be enough land for every person. This again has nothing to do with technology or Smart Cities. Too many people on earth make it impossible for everyone to have land or food. If you think I am making this up, go to Google right now and search “when will humans run out of land” or “what year will the earth run out of resources”. Honestly, please go do this right now and spend just 5 minutes looking at the results. I am petrified that in the next 50-100 years we will run out of both land and food. This paints a very bleak life for our children. I would love to hear from my followers which results scared them the most. Don’t be shy to share with me.

Many Future Thinkers believe that technology can help us be more efficient with our resources, buying mankind the much needed time to work out how our race will survive the next 100+ years in order to avoid a war for our children.

The way I envision technology and industry 4.0 is not about microchips or power cables. I can imagine a far greener and healthier life. A simpler and more humane existence. In my mind I see very few actual robots and all the technology is in the background.

I see the future for business very much in the same way. I don’t envision huge offices with state of the art machines monopolising the space on our desks. In fact, business and trade is about to fundamentally change and the manor we exchange resources or services is about to be reinvented out of necessity.

How does a company owner plan for risks created from devices not even in the mainstream market yet? How do you plan to meet a demand for a client we do not understand? How do you survive this transitional phase and come out stronger on the other side?

I do believe more people need to share a similar vision for future generations to stand a chance at a better life. Resist this change and deny my points if you wish, but I have little patience for people who deny a possible scenario and cannot present an alternative one.

Government will not lead industry 4.0 because they are bound by red tape which they themselves have created and need to maintain for a variety of reasons. This leaves Business to fuel change and that is the way I like it. We must deliver services and resources for less and at a greater pace than ever before. Business in the next three decades will have to diversify, invest and retrain its staff. Workshopping solutions and scenarios to consider is something I do professionally. I have operated in several industries very well with the use of technology, added with my ongoing work and research on the most important trends, I add a valuable and objective point of view for a business to consider when planning their future.

The fields I consult in include, but are not limited to: Green Tech & Future Proofing, Web Marketing, Social Media, Innovation & Disruptive Technologies, custom projects and research, Cyber Security, Internet of Things, custom programs, apps and websites, VR and AR solutions. More about me: https://www.jeanpierremurraykline.co.za/whoisjeanpierremurraykline.html

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Jean-Pierre Murray-Kline



Published August 2019

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