Steve vs. Bill (May 2018)

Published May 2018

Steve vs. Bill:

Jean-Pierre Murray-Kline - Internet & Social Media Specialist

Android vs. Mac, or Apple vs. PC!

Yes, let me go there.

I am grouping, what I know, are many different devices into two brands, or let me rather call them ‘teams’. I am also not negating the fact that while we have many varieties of devices in these ‘Teams’, there is still a very obvious divide.

I also need to address the fact that there really aren’t that many operating softwares to choose from in these teams. Of course, team Apple has exclusive software, and then we have an open market for team PC.

Never the less, the three major sub-players in these teams, specifically for software, are Google, Apple and Microsoft.

Please remember this article is not about better hardware or better software. It is about the better Team!

The team includes all aspects and facets of the brand so I am blurring some lines for simplicity only to help reach the conclusion in this article.

We have two teams. Team Steve Jobs and Team Even Roberts.

Wait… who is Even Roberts?

Well, the creator of the first commercial PC. And for many people, this is probably the first time you even hear his name, which is a point I will get to later. ‘Ed’ would be forgotten a decade after the creation of his PC and replaced by Bill, who gave us IBM’s first PC, which hit the shelves in 1981. Bill Gates really took over the PC from a software point of view.

First Apple was created in 1976, by Steve.

Let’s rather call it Teams Steve vs. Bill.

Jean-Pierre Murray-Kline - Internet & Social Media Specialist

Bill is worth 91 billion USD, Steven was worth 11 billion USD when he died. Does that mean Team PC wins because it is worth more? I guess I can see that argument for some.

How about PC outliving Apple… like its founders?

I could also see that as a valid argument.

Team Steve has around 600 million users. PC has between 1.5 and 3 billion users. So does this mean Team Bill wins again because of figures?

Perhaps, but that is not the way I will determine the outcome.

Sticking with the subject of figures—I am sure many nerds can relate—I cannot count how many times I have debated which of these two brands are better. The most recent debate was with a new partner, and they did not share my point of view… which creates challenges of its own but better suited for a dating blog.

I have always advocated team PC, but for the purpose of this article, I promise readers I am unbiased. Why can you trust that promise? Because I am writing this for me as much as for others. The last thing I want is to be a sheep, or follow some sort of brand loyalty that perhaps should have expired a decade ago. So, without more waffling, let’s get into which is better; team Apple or team PC, team Steve or Bill.

For Team Bill

  • PCs and similar cell phones are more affordable.
  • You can custom-build a P.C.
  • Cross device software for PCs and similar cell phones.
  • PC has a bigger market share with computers and even cell phones – and before Team Steve gets upset, go check Google! Nokia has sold more cell phones than Apple …
  • PCs are easier to use. Yes they are. I tested this with some grannies at an old age home.
  • There are more styles and configurations of software on a PC and similar cell phones.
  • PCs are the choice for gamers.
  • PCs lead with touch and feel features.
  • PCs now boot faster – same speed as team Steve.
  • PCs cost less to fix.
  • PCs offer more options with everything…
  • You can normally connect more devices to a P.C – not only in numbers, but also variety
  • There are more software options.
  • PC often allows you to use older software or hardware.
  • PCs offer better options for music production.
  • PCs are going to work better for the I.o.T… which is a big point for consideration.

For Team Steve

  • Macs are better to look at. They just are.
  • Macs are more stable. Don’t believe me? Stand on one and test for yourself.
  • Better platform for graphic tasks.
  • Hardware and some software exclusive – I put this as a positive, but I really don’t think it is, I like open market.
  • Macs have a better marketing strategy and, therefore, following. This is why we know Steven and not Ed.
  • There are fewer viruses that can infect a Team Steve … with the exception for pancreatic neuroendocrine tumours. That was a horrible comment, I am sorry. But before Team Steve starts their argument that they don’t get any viruses, I would like you to research Keyranger ransomware. Also bear in mind percentage facts for context; that being, there are fewer Macs than PCs, so yes there will be fewer attacks.
  • Macs last longer. They just do. Perhaps because their owners keep them in their beds with them and they get cuddled and protected more.
  • Macs are built better. I cannot argue this. I dropped a Dell laptop on my foot once and the PC broke. I dropped a MacBook on the same foot a few months later, and even though I was wearing shoes, it nearly broke a toe but the MacBook was fine.
  • They have better customer care. They really do.
  • Mac devises are much easier to connect with one another, therefore, inter device communication works much better.
  • Macs can run Windows.
  • They are leading with Apps – I-Pads.
  • Less maintenance required.
  • People feel special when they are on team Steve.

Jean-Pierre Murray-Kline - Internet & Social Media Specialist

My conclusion:

The difference between the two teams has lessened a lot in the last 5 years.

This will become even less of a gap, because regardless of the device or team, the choice of the Browser is more important now; because the Browser is where most services will run in the future for just about every application.

I do think Chrome has the most potential here to win and it is, of course, linked to team Bill.

But if you are going to the shops tomorrow and you really want facts that no one can argue with, please consider this above all the points:

  1. At the office or home, you can get by without a Mac, but not a PC.

  2. Computers and cell phones were made to assist us with tasks, and not enhance our status. Therefore, the fact that a Mac is a better brand just does not stand a good enough argument to the fact that team Bill can actually do more for you for less.

    Either you prefer to look good… or do good.

  3. This point is less important than the above two in the year 2018, but I do think worth sharing… at some point humans need to leave earth… to survive. We will end up leaving earth, right?
    What will be used to help us achieve this?
    Take a look at this image below and ask yourself: “are those Macs or PCs on a spaceship?”

Jean-Pierre Murray-Kline - Internet & Social Media Specialist


If it’s the choice made for life itself … well then that’s enough of an argument to keep me on Team Bill.


Published May 2018

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