To the United Nations General Assembly and the Security Council (April 2022)

Published April 2022

Jean-Pierre Murray-Kline - To the United Nations General Assembly and the Security Council


To the United Nations General Assembly and the Security Council

Attention for:

United Nations General Assembly
United Nations Security Council

46th St & 1st Ave, New York, NY 10017 |dpa-scsb3@un.org
Delivered in person and email copy.

To the Honourable Members of the United Nations General Assembly and the Security Council.

I am a published author from South Africa. This letter will be hand delivered on the 2nd week of April 2022 by myself, sent via email, converted to a published article and added to a book in 2023.

My letter and visit is purposeful. Having had an extended family member as part of your organization, as well as my ongoing research on the work you do, has inspired this trip and letter. Writing the letter has been difficult because there is so much to say. I have deliberately kept this communication short out of respect for your time.

These are the words I have chosen:

It is an unprecedented time with War, Climate Change, a Pandemic and several other pending and pressing concerns are shaping the World and influencing life of all living things. I ask for a moment of your attention. The purpose of this letter is to ask for a deeper and urgent investigation into the levels of corruption by South African politicians. I am aware of the mandate and also potential of the United Nations, its Charter and all its many facets.

I must make a desperate plea because the level of corruption is unprecedented and has resulted in human rights violations, this has been evident and ongoing throughout my lifetime. It is not my intent to embarrass South Africa, but rather as a South African to be heard. Corruption has killed our people, destroyed many livelihoods and crushed people’s dreams. Corruption has decimated human dignity.

Our nation is in a weakened position to deal with Climate Change, Natural Disasters, Disruptive Influences and the increased difficulties all too familiar with developing nations. We cannot rise up to these challenges until we have solved corruption. South Africa has had its history with the United Nations, and the organization has influenced our country’s trajectory once before.

International awareness and pressure can often support local change. South Africa’s ethical, social, political and economic status influences World events. Your intervention in this matter fits within your mandate of ‘Global Peace’, because as South Africa is today, our potential to support it is negligible.

I volunteer myself, time, network and skill to support any initiative you may wish to propose. I beg the opportunity to present a real-time and in person account to the National Assembly if they would offer the opportunity.

Kind regards

Jean-Pierre Murray-Kline - To the United Nations General Assembly and the Security Council

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Published April 2022

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