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Published July 2018

Jean-Pierre Murray-Kline - Internet & Social Media Specialist

I really do enjoy writing these articles. I have been writing for over three years now, but I was recently subjected to new topics from other writers, which have made me question the value and relevance of my own content. Not because I believe my writing is bad, but because I need to remind myself of my target market for this series of articles, which is meant for businesspeople, marketing experts and tech nerds. However, the nature of my articles also helps those who wish to gain some insight into this industry and so the content serves the layman as well as the expert.

I really do want to offer information in an entertaining and sometimes humours way. Did you know, if we are entertained by a subject, we are more likely to engage and remember the message? Not everyone is going to find my writing funny, but when it comes to subjects and you might want me to include something specific in an article, feel free to send an email or a message.

The next gold rush!

You may have read in one of my past articles what my opinion is on data; that I believe data will become the next gold or oil rush. This sort of craze is not new to Africa…Now again, we have it.

9mobile, also known as the 080 9 ja network, is creating waves, specifically regarding electronic waves.

Jean-Pierre Murray-Kline - Internet & Social Media Specialist

For all intensive purposes, electronic waves are how we transport the new gold.

This network is one of Nigeria’s newest telecom providers and is challenging a proposed transfer of an 800MHz license from Visafone Communications to MTN Nigeria.

So what does this mean to my target reader?

I’ll tell you.

The 800 MHz frequency band is a part of the electromagnetic frequency band that covers the ranges between 790–862 MHz. Its first roots were in television broadcasting. But, we can’t move gold the same way anymore, so in the year 2012 there was a shift in the use of this frequency with intentions for wireless mobile broadband.

Wait for it, my point is coming.

Now, I understand why 9mobile would not want MTN Nigeria to have this license.

MTN group has its head office in Johannesburg South Africa, and has revenue of nearly 16 billion USD; around one nineteenth of our country’s GDP value.

If you did not know, MTN holds the monopoly in Africa in several telecommunication markets. Market share stakes are followed by Vodacom, Telkom, Orascom (Egypt and Algeria) and Maroc (Morocco).

South Africa does have the biggest stakes in telecommunication ownership on our continent.

Gosh, I’m taking my time here in getting to my point. I’m sorry.

Here it is.

My point echo’s my shared sentiments on opportunities for SMEs, that The Internet of Things, or the web in general, levels the playing grounds between big and small businesses. This space is where small companies have as much opportunity to stand tall and fight for their share of the pie. In some cases, they might even have a few advantages and less red tape.

This challenge by 080 9 ja network, the newcomer in one country, to challenge a heavy weight is proof of this.

I do foresee a lot of arguing over these pieces of pie in the months and years to come. It will be very exciting, and I, for one, have my popcorn ready.

Fact is, there will be a number of start-up companies threatening large corporations who have controlled the industry for over a decade, by making changes and grabbing opportunities such as the use of digital broadcasting frequencies and other infrastructures all over Africa.

I also see in most cases that the deciding body on the outcome of such arguments being settled by local government arms or consumer organizations mediation or sorts.

I want small businesses to take risks. This is a prime-time opportunity for SMEs – take the leap! This is something I am passionate about and the reason I am launching a new project called “theentrepreneur.co.za”. Keep an eye out for this site, I will be giving a few start-up companies free websites and services to kick start this project.

Jean-Pierre Murray-Kline - Internet & Social Media Specialist

Let me now offer something for the computer nerds who follow me. If this is not your subject of interest, skip to the next title in the article, but for nerds, new helpful coding practices are something to consider.

Jean-Pierre Murray-Kline - Internet & Social Media Specialist

News on code:

I recently wrote an article with an overview of the types of code. If you have not read it but want to, the link is below. I warn you, you will need coffee to complete the article. This insert is not, however, about those codes. It is about one specific new code a newsletter said I should know about. So perhaps for those of you, who need to know about code, would like to know about it as well?

The link to the full article follows my own below. What I can tell you and offer in a summary of highlights is on PostgreSQL (faster, ops easier, generally simplified)

  • It has a simple non-durable topic-based publish-subscribe notification system.
    Let me go get some coffee, I’ll be right back…
  • It has Table Inheritance. So instead of adding nullable columns or single nullable JSON columns you can attempt an inheritance feature, for a variation in additional fields.
  • Foreign Data Wrappers. Generalize method of working, which stores externally and lets you connect to various different data sources. Cool.
  • Full Text Search with the code. It has a feature that allows you to do a word search. (Not limited to English)
  • Other items listed are Partitioned Tables and Triggers. Want to know more, read the link provided.

Main programming codes:



I made a comment on my personal social media this week and it went like this:

AI says to JP:
“You will die before me”
To which I replied,
“But I will have actually lived”

I wanted to demonstrate the egotistical imaginary personality most people believe artificial intelligence and super robots have.

Jean-Pierre Murray-Kline - Internet & Social Media Specialist

The fact is, AI will never really live nor will it be recognized as a natural life, ever.

Another fact is, we are not actually threatened by the non-living status of another being, are we? No, we just don’t want it to be smarter than us.

We like the top of the food chain.

We all need to learn more about this subject, and other than googling, you can attend any number of events happening all over the world each year.

There is an AI conference I wish I could attend but am too busy with projects in South Africa and can’t make time to rush back to San Francisco.

What I like about this specific conference is that it addresses one of human kind’s biggest fears.

Most people (including myself) believe AI = job loss and / or the removal of the human race, or at least, our right to freedom and choice.

I am exaggerating here.

I hope.


Let me tell you what AI actually is. Technically, but without waffle:

Have you heard of relational databases?

Well, we used to have relational databases nearly four decades ago.

Don’t know what that is either, don’t worry, tech has moved on. Let’s just say it was static information with a desired formula.

I know some nerds are going to give me a better description in a direct message.

What I mean by this description is basically information is stored, and only parts of it is shared at any one time, and that is decided on the request for an answer, which then pulls up a predetermined solution or fragment of information.

Sounds like regurgitation, right?


Relational databases are the new thing.

There are interactive responsive databases – how they interact and respond could be called or described as THE A.I.

AI is, therefore, fields of information that are assigned a basic value and a basic category and rule. These fields, values and categories can be shuffled and even created by the relational database, which has rules of processing but can also create new processing rules.

It is born with instinctive responses, and the ability to learn new responses like us humans. The old database only had instinctive responses.

What is interesting is multiple A.I devices, with similar features or functions, posed with the same question can now have different answers!

How cool is that!

This is possible, because each device takes into its experience and own created rules and data.


To come back to the subject of this insert, which was the AI conference, and I must insist that programmers go so that they can meet the enemy. I don’t want to create a panic, but I do not think I am being irresponsible when I say a lot of people are going to lose their jobs because of artificial intelligence and automation.

The conference, I believe, agrees to this but does not call it job loss; they call it “surviving the resulting disruption”. A description AI might have come up with actually.

It is also a good idea for most business owners to start attending these events.

The conference promotes the concept of opportunity in integrating AI practical real world implementation.

Interested? Visit: https://conferences.oreilly.com/artificial-intelligence/ai-ca

Jean-Pierre Murray-Kline - Internet & Social Media Specialist

There is a nice line up of speakers including Naveen Rao, GM of artificial intelligence solutions at Intel and Peter Norvig, director of Research at Google Inc.

The price to this event starts at around R25 000 before accommodation, flights, etc. All in all, I would imagine it would come to around R50 000.

Gosh, I wish I had time for this event. It takes so long for us South Africans to get to San Francisco.


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Published July 2018

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