Waiting for Racists to die? (The Video) (August 2021)

Published August 2021

Waiting for Racists to die? (The Video)

Jean-Pierre Murray-Kline and Kedibone Mulaudzi try to have a chat while Kedibones brother keeps calling.


This video might invoke some comments, and in anticipation I have prepared a ‘post video’ reply.

See video at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KD_KV-8TMOY


We can talk, agree, disagree and compromise until the cows come home. At some point we need to deal with what is and act. When we act we must make provision for other points of view. Do not deny others their right of opinion. Do not hide your head in the sand like an ostrich to avoid points. Put all the cards on the table. Play the game with the cards dealt, stop demanding other cards. We will never win this game moaning or bluffing our way through.


My opinion.

I do not believe there are as many pure bred racists as Kedibone does. Yes, there are many, and I have met some of these foul people. I believe there many more people who are privileged and act entitled.

People work through a very short tick box to confirm who their competitor and oppressor is. No one has time to judge everyone personally and get their full story. So we make assumptions to be efficient and unfortunately end up creating casualties out of some innocent people. We are responsible for the casualties.


Think twice and act.

There is a difference between being racist and privileged, and while most racists act entitled, not every privileged person is racist. Hating a good person because they have more should be condemned at the same level as judging a good person who is poor. Accept there are different points of view, and that this fact is still not reasonable cause for hate. Retribution is never a reasonable cause. Ask yourself: ‘how am I acting and what is motivating these actions’.

I am not saying that if you come across someone acting rude or cruel that you should not reprimand them. Good people have been too quiet in comparison to the bad. Remember, to deal with the bad action, not the person.


Accept what is.

The ANC government inherited a divided citizenship with extreme inequality, a democracy and many SOEs. I do not blame them for all their failures and I am very appreciative of some of the progress made. Apartheid was absolutely despicable. I believe if I had been around at the time I would have been championing stages with PJ Powers and the late Miriam Makeba.

Unfortunately, we still have a divided nation, a democracy under threat, paralyzed SEOs, less jobs, huge inequality, a shrinking tax base, service delivery issues, and our health, policing and education structures are being eroded.

The ANC has failed us all, no one enjoys loadshedding, water cuts, potholes, so few jobs, hate and extreme poverty. I come home some weekends, sit on my couch and just weep.

In addition, we are dealing with two pandemics. One related to health, and one related to corruption and lack of accountability: these are both killing our citizens, businesses and the future for our children. Those who continue to vote for the ANC need to understand they have helped enable the environment that rot grows. They are participants.


Sorry, step aside!

We do not need to like Cyril, but I accept that he has made some inroads to change, be it very much behind the scenes. However, it has been too little and too late. Each dog has its day.

The ANC government of today should be hanging their head in shame, apologizing and stepping aside for a while.

Those who do not want to show empathy for what was and is, and offer 100% dedication to what can become, must step aside.



You do not need to like a political party. This ‘need to love politicians’, and running around with their faces on branded caps and shirts like they are sports or TV stars is ridiculous. Politicians are elected public servants.

Voting in a democracy means you control the political landscape. The objective now is to ensure no one political party has majority because the ‘majority environment’ needs to be removed in order to stop state looting, selfish political agendas and attacks on attempts to hold those at fault accountable.

Parliament with several larger parties will have the power of oversight. This is our objective for election and our next step in our democracy.

There are new options for Voters like ‘Action SA’, but who you champion is only half the work. We must solve the problem of low Voter turnout which has perpetuated our situation and delayed change.

We must all vote. Please vote.


What is right.

I do believe Kedibone is correct when he says Black South Africans are tired. I believe many other people are too. We are also complacent and many of us are despondent. We must persevere. I can do this, and I will do it while navigating the many emotions and social factors at play today. My personal objective is to tackle this with as much compassion and humility as I can muster.

I want to empathise that I fully understand why many Black people don’t like White people. I have seen White people treat Black people like absolute dirt and for no reason at all. Total rudeness. It disgusts me and sickens me to my core. I have engaged with many of these people about their despicable acts, and concluded that some are ‘so far gone’ that they are beyond redemption. I will leave them behind and you should to. They don’t deserve our time and energy.

I have seen black people receive abuse and not react. They absorb the pain and stay quiet to keep the peace.

To my black brothers, never again refer to a white person as ‘Boss’. I hear this at petrol stations and parking lots around the country. I know it is often said as a sign of respect, but don’t enforce this ‘concept’ any longer. Many Black people need to re-learn their own worth.


On the other side of the same coin, I need to see empathy to the fact that some Black people do not like White people. I have personally been chased out of Soweto while trying to work. I do not enjoy being rejected for jobs because of the colour of my skin. No White person enjoys feeling like a tourist in the country because they cannot be called African. These ‘things’ create extreme hurt.


One of the things I study is the progress of civilizations. I know my ancestors arrived by boat before the Zulus and I also know many Black tribes arrived in South Africa on foot. Before that, modern humans left Africa traveling north, and continued to populate the World. We are all returning home in a way, and we should all be allowed to call ourselves African.


Moving forward.

The ‘equality’ this government appears to be achieving is making everyone equally poor. We want everyone to be ‘equally privileged’. The objective cannot be to make others less privileged and shame them if they are advantaged. You cannot ‘policy out racism’ and no ‘majority’ should be depending on answers from a minority. Becoming self-sufficient is a great gift to ourselves.

I believe that many people assumed democracy would mean prosperity for everyone. The ANC government spent decades handing out government jobs for ‘job creation’ and grants to help the previously disadvantaged. They put in place policies to redistribute wealth from the ‘oppressors’ and at the same time made a lot of money for themselves. Meanwhile, people waited for land.

Education was never given the priority it deserved and this is the chief reason we are in the state we are in today. There are too many people reliant on the Government. Some who do work for the dwindling ‘White commercial capitalists’ don’t enjoy the experience, and now have nowhere else to go. I want to fix this problem and it can be done my tackling the fact that more energy is used on trying to share what is in control of old ‘White monopoly’ than generating new wealth and business.

Rich people don’t share. Racists don’t change. Haters goanna hate. If we factor these points into problem solving, the solution is simple: remove our reliance on them entirely and make our own way. The alternative is you continue to waste your valuable life fighting a lost cause.

This government has not only failed black people, it has failed the nation. It has failed to inspire us to work and play hard together and in many ways facilitated a divide. Be that as it is, the truth is we don’t need the government. We need one another. It is possible to do very well, take a look at Vusi Thembekwayo and Basetsana Kumalo. I want us to focus on creating new value and prepare this country for entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs will help their communities.

We must focus on how we act, what we do in our homes, businesses and religious gatherings. Let us manage the problems of today, like racism, and make sure we remove the ‘environment’ that creates more. We can enjoy breaking down cultural misunderstandings and divides by simply spending more time with one another. Let’s use sports, music, national holidays, and educational programs as catalysts to focus on what unites.

For business, service delivery and overall objectives, let’s strive for quality, aptitude and mobilize talent to pave the path to success.


Let’s get down to business and learn how to un-hate. See Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KD_KV-8TMOY

Jean-Pierre Murray-Kline - Waiting for Racists to die?



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Published August 2021

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