Who is still colonizing in this day and age? (December 2021)

Published December 2021

Who is still colonizing in this day and age?

Colonization, we are at it again!

Colonization is something I research because as a business and environmental technologist I need to know a little about a lot of things. Let’s set aside the fact that we are all African. Yes Julz, we are. Go research, or if you are too lazy to do so, here is a 30 second video: https://www.nationalgeographic.org/media/global-human-journey/

My point is every persons ancestors come from the continent of Africa. In short, some left and then returned on ships and did appalling things. History repeats itself and we are at it again.

Colonization was inevitable and done by many nations, but the British were hands down the very best at it. They did this by investing in ships and weapons, using science, implementing manipulative trade practices and exploiting many things and people. Even drugs were part of their success! Perhaps in another life or on another planet in the multiverse it would have been the Zulus or Indians? Either way ‘it’ was going to happen and it was always going to be messy.

Colonization was done for a number of reasons: resources, exploration, ego, and, and, and. Colonization involved slavery, army’s and even religion. As long as there have been humans, there has been colonization. It started out ‘more’ ethically, us having set out simply because of growing hunter gatherer populations, and some nudging from climate change. Then ‘it’ turned uglier involving slavery and exploitation. The results of colonization are still with us today, good, bad and everything in-between, but now we are at it again, and again with ships!

You say: “what”?

I say: “yup, we are!”

We are now progressing into space. Ironically, one of the people who are likely to be the first to succeed at colonizing another planet is a South African, of a certain gender and skin colour. Tell me now that history does not repeat itself? The fact is, mankind will colonize another planet in my lifetime and no one is applying their mind to what that means for us all. Here are some questions for you on this subject to get you thinking:

  • Will we ‘do’ colonization right this time?
  • What rights do we have to use resources from another planet? What happens when a country or company colonizes a planet and takes ownership of it?
  • What will we do when we find life, will we exploit it, or let it be?
  • What about the risk of disease?
  • Will we enforce our beliefs and cultures in space or adopt those we find?

It is an interesting time to be alive!

Jean-Pierre Murray-Kline - Who is still colonizing in this day and age?



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Published December 2021

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