Why is my website not on Google? (March 2017)

Published March 2017

Text from SEO video “Why is my website not on Google?”

Hi, I’m Jean-Pierre Murray Kline. Behind me is a web design office I go to several times a week and clients repeatedly ask “why is my website not on Google”.

The answer is simple. You need to work to it.

Just because you have a website does not mean it is automatically going to feature on Google or above your competitor.

That saying “build it and they will come” is a load of nonsense. A website is not part of a search engine, and to get onto Google the work you will need to have done on your website is called SEO (search engine optimisation). If your competitor is having SEO done, which they probably are, you will need to do it better. It is that simple.

The biggest mistake website owners make is to believe that SEO is a once-off task. This is totally incorrect.

SEO is like swimming upstream. You have to swim harder than the current to make progress, and if you stop swimming, you move backwards.

The second biggest mistake website owners make is not bothering to research their competitors.

This time last year there were 4.7 billion website pages. It would take nearly 4 million hours to see each page. That’s five-hundred days, spending only three seconds on each page.

Think about this. Each page has been ranked by search engines on a variety of search phrases for a position.

So, if you think 4.7 billion pages are a lot, you need to consider that search results change per search phrase. How many different search phrases are typed into Google each day? Maybe 500 million x 4.7 billion pages will give you an idea of how many search result variations there might be.

Now if that was not mind boggling enough, consider this. Each day hundreds of thousands of pages are updated, removed and added. Therefore, positions constantly change as pages are re-checked and ranked again.

That is why SEO is not a once-off task.
The Internet is alive and changing all the time.

Jean-Pierre Murray-Kline - Internet & Social Media Specialist

You could not get a more aggressive digital arena as you do with SEO.

It’s like putting an Uber driver in a room of taxi drivers. It’s nasty.

This year mobile optimization and topics are really important. Quality content is still key.

Several years back I developed an independent SEO certificate with widely accepted tricks of the trade.

Stop buying SEO from a web designer who cannot tell you who your competitor is, or who does not have a track record of top positions on Google themselves.

Good SEO will include research, building a foundation, and then frequently repeated tasks.

How much SEO do you need to do?
More than your competitor.

How many months?
For as long as you have a website.

Published March 2017

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