You will not become famous on the internet (November 2017)

Published November 2017

I am very sorry. You are wrong.

Recently I had ANOTHER heated debate on this subject. It appears to happen about once a year. This time, the person got so upset they left in an Uber. I told this person they had no idea what they were talking about. They took offense. I wish there were another way to tell someone they are wrong. Sometimes, an apple is just that…an apple. If I see an apple, I will say it is an apple…

If the apple offends you, that is unfortunate. I cannot call the apple a banana or anything else to simply please you.

I have experience in the entertainment industry. I have experience in web marketing. I have direct experience with some great names that have made a good go at this subject. I also have experience with promotions and endorsements of celebrities for entertainers in general. At one point, I OWNED the domain casparlee.co.za.

Becoming famous, and creating a career on social media are two very different things. There are many famous poor people living in their parents homes. But on the Internet they have a big name.

A career on social media is different to online fame. It is also, in just about every instance, a career that evolves in order to survive, has a shelf-life or is a supplementary income. This is a fact based on data.

The percentage of people who manage to generate enough revenue from whatever social media platform you wish to use, as an example, vs. the percentage that have failed is astronomical. We are talking less than 0.01%.

Yes, you can sing. Yes, you can make jokes and funny videos, excellent. Well done! Yes, you are beautiful, lucky you… But honestly, and just in terms of business…so what. There are tens of thousands of people competing against you.

Success in this field comes from doing the following:

  1. Hard work – 25 hour days. Ruthlessness.
  2. Picking a niche marketing to start off with.
  3. Content is king. If you think you can generate followers that will stay with you, using PPC, Facebook adverts or whatever traffic diverting tool you like, you are wrong. People on the Internet will love you today but ignore you tomorrow. Therefore, make something they love today and then make something they will love tomorrow. Doing that, there is a chance followers will share it…and others might follow based on referral.
  4. Luck!
    You have no control over trend. Therefore, you need to have luck. The right stuff at the right time and that, I am afraid, is not within your control. There are more people who have done everything right and fallen flat on their faces than have ended up in the extremely small club Caspar Lee is a member of.

Jean-Pierre Murray-Kline - Internet & Social Media Specialist


If you think you are going to make enough money off AdSense, or whatever affiliate campaign you want to use, you are going to be very disappointed!

Even Google will tell you that irrespective of any niche, the average CPM earning is $1 to $1.5 per 1,000 impressions. You can make $40 to $60 per day from 40,000 page views. Yay, money, whoop-whoop… but open your eyes! How do you get 40 000 page views! You work and you pay.

Now compare your income with what it costs to generate views. This is also taken form Google. Let’s use YouTube as an example: $4.18 per 1000 views. Therefore, you spend $167.2 to generate 40 000 views…but you’re earning $40.00?

This is called running at a loss. Sure, you might be famous… but broke.

Most people off the Internet hardly break even. Those who have nice cars and homes generate their incomes from promotions and endorsements. These sorts of contracts have a shelf-life and they are very rare.

That is my professional opinion and if you decide to engage with me about making money off social media or be an online star, expect that I am going to convey that you will most likely fail. Apples are apples and this apple is professionally and statistically concluded.

Published November 2017

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