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Jean-Pierre has dominated the Internet for several of his own businesses with his unique strategies. His skills have been used to help other companies improve their position on search engines, increase traffic and leads, improve online reputation and also mitigate online risks and deal with laws and regulations. Below you will find a summary of skills Jean-Pierre might be able to offer a business. Every Company has its own special needs, objectives, budget and timeline. No one glove fits all, and Jean-Pierre really enjoys tailoring solutions for his Clients.


  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO),
  • AdWords and other pay per click campaigns,
  • Social media,
  • Influencers,
  • Affiliate marketing,
  • Videos, copywriting, images, scripting,
  • Instore and out of the box campaigns.

Online Reputation

  • Negative review mitigation,
  • Positive online reputation campaigns,
  • Related PR and Media,
  • Supplier, client and public discussions and facilitation,
  • Collaborations.


  • PoPIA,
  • Trademark or Copyright compliance or infringements and related services,
  • E-policies, documents and contracts,
  • Staff training and e-policies.

E-Attacks, E-Crimes and E-Security

  • Hacked websites or mailboxes, investigation, repair & recovery,
  • Online bullying, e-ransom issues or threats,
  • Preparatory and responsive plans and policies for cybercrime, hacking or data breaches,
  • E-risk assessments,
  • Tracking and reporting,
  • Dealing with Law Enforcement, Regulators and Authorities.

Research, Tracking and Reporting

  • Industry specific,
  • Online and digital tools,
  • Surveys,
  • Data analytic reviews.


  • Research and implementation of new technologies,
  • International trends,
  • Going Green,
  • Efficiency reviews and recommendations,
  • Workshops and Training

Website and App Development

  • Hosting, servers, domains,
  • CMS, HTML, Ecoms, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, PHP, Bootstrap, Java, Custom,
  • Payment gateways,
  • APIs,
  • UX,
  • Security,
  • Maintenance,
  • Digital currencies.


Hourly Fee
R1750 + vat per hour

Additional costs might include but will not be limited to, and displayed on formal quotes or detailed within proposals:

Designers and developers

Other specialised professionals

3rd party applications and programs

Legal Cost

Adspend or marketing provisions

Jean-Pierre is a vat vendor, able to provide tax clearance and a bank verification letter as well as a BEE status document.


Jean-Pierre takes on only a few private Clients at any given time and due diligence is done to ensure there is no conflict of interest. Please send your initial request using the e-form and offer as much information as you possibly can.

Jean-Pierre normally starts with a quick scheduled e-consult on Zoom or phone. If after the consult you wish to proceed with a formal quote or proposal, Jean-Pierre will explain steps to be followed.

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