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Jean-Pierre Murray-Kline is a published Author and Writer on several important subjects affecting business, people and communities in this day and age. His writing is whimsical, fact packed, unique and thought provoking.

A Tree, a Human and a Robot

‘A Tree, a Human and a Robot.

This short book is a collection of three articles that I published in 2024, covering themes of Artificial Intelligence, Humanities, and Environmentalism. Like all my work, these pieces explore subjects that shape the trajectory of our society. “The Bedtime Story” is a fantastic read that reconnects the reader with nature. “Africa Colonized the World” tackles an emotional subject, encouraging introspection on a narrative shared among citizens. “The Mzansi AI Manual” provides an easy-to-understand and fascinating overview of everything you need to know about AI.

‘Future Thinking 2024-2025’

‘Future Thinking’ is a series of books about Technology, Trends, Business and the environment at large. From the high stakes of national elections and the relentless rally on climate change, to the pressing matters of LGBTQIA+ rights and Russia’s evolving role in Africa, the world’s narrative is charged with technological and disruptive influences. 

‘Future Thinking 2022-2023’

“Explore the ‘Future Thinking’ series—a collection delving into the realms of Technology, Trends, Business, and the broader environmental landscape. Jean-Pierre navigates through both local and global factors shaping the course of businesses, communities, and our shared human civilization. These accessible books offer an engaging read, addressing timely subjects and serving as a source of inspiration for aspiring ‘Change Champions.'”

‘Future Thinking 2021’

Today, the odds against humanity are looking bleak. This book is essential reading for parents, community leaders, children, managers of companies, or anyone who has the desire to improve their quality of life and leave this planet in a better state than they found it.

‘Lessons for the Future Thinker from the Coronavirus’

Scenario planning must be part of all business strategies as we take a step into the Future World. This manuscript offers insight on what we have learnt from Coronavirus, man’s reactions to a natural disaster and how to prepare for more in the coming years.

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