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Jean-Pierre researches, consults and writes about many pertinent issues influencing humanities legacy, specifically: Society (home and business), Technology, and the Environment.

As a Business and Environmental Technologist, Jean-Pierre’s objective is to do whatever can be done to educate and inspire new and better ways of these ‘entities’ working together in a sustainable and ethical manner.

For Business

Jean-Pierre offers Digital Architect & Scenario Planning. This includes a number of services such as but not limited to business assessments, reporting and recommendations with a focus on:

  • Carbon footprint and environmental impact,
  • Sustainable and ethical future practices,
  • New technologies and implementation,
  • Digital ethics and healthy e-habits,
  • Training and workshops related to technology and the environment,
  • Future Proofing for the company.

For Communities

Jean-Pierre focuses on education and inspiring Change Champions. Every home, every classroom, every NGO and NPO, needs to have at least one person identifying the most pressing needs and inspiring those around them (by example) to investigate and champion new and better ways of ensuring that our time on this planet is used to leave it in a better state than how we found it.

Jean-Pierre focuses on:

  • The Future Entrepreneur,
  • The importance of self-empowerment and resilience to change,
  • Unlearning outdated and harmful habits and practices,
  • The Environment and reintroducing people to Mother Nature.


Jean-Pierre offers a reduced rate to schools, universities and registered NPOs. Below are some estimate costs excluding any related travel and support services. Please offer at least 3 weeks’ notice. You can use the e-form on the contact page (see menu) to request availability and a quote.

Panel Discussions
From R7000 + vat

Workshops, Strategy Sessions and Discussion Facilitation
From R14 000 + vat

R7 000 + vat

Keynote Talks
From R22 500 + vat

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Jean-Pierre takes on only a few private Clients at any given time and due diligence is done to ensure there is no conflict of interest. Please send your initial request using the e-form and offer as much information as you possibly can.

Jean-Pierre normally starts with a quick scheduled e-consult on Zoom or phone. If after the consult you wish to proceed with a formal quote or proposal, Jean-Pierre will explain steps to be followed.

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