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It happens to us all!

Recently I was dealing with a person who literally lost control of his ‘e-life’. Specifically his business website domain, files and emails. This poor gentleman had no idea where his website designer was, or who had access information to the back-end of his domain or controlled his email services. He didn’t even know which hosting provider was being used.

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What boggled my mind the most in this situation was he had no records of renewing his site or any invoices. At one point during the discussion I truly believed that he thought a website and a domain were infinite, and that once it was launched it would be there for all eternity. This is of course not true.

This situation was more peculiar because the website and email services were still operational! Once we established who the hosting provider was and contacted them, they couldn’t let us know who the administrator was because of PoPIA. The law was frustrating a resolution in this instance because the domain was not registered using the owners information.

Perhaps this story sounds far-fetched?

The fact of the matter is this is not the first time I have had to deal with a situation like this. Some web designers and hosting providers don’t set up domains and emails like they are meant to, but how on earth is a layperson meant to know this? The solution is to use someone reputable.

Ignorant or Naïve?

In 2023 it is not acceptable that a business Owner still has no idea what their e-intellectual property and e-assets are. It is not okay that you do not know who has dominion over all your emails, website files, data and devices. This is bad e-behaviour.

E-behaviour is a topic I write and talk about a lot. It covers many subjects like how we use social media, emails, websites, Apps and devices. It also covers things like online bulling, e-criminals and e-regulations, which of course then by extention covers authorities, who I am sorry to say are either absent or ‘primordial’ in their readiness. This leaves each individual to educate themselves and unfortunately few have the time or interest in doing this. After all, not everyone likes tech! Unfortunately all these factors pose a major risk for a company.

The challenge for a business is that law requires any entity (individual, business, organisation, etc) processing, storing or sharing any sort of data to uphold certain standards, not limited to the data files but also the devices, and failing to do so can result in fines and even criminal charges.

Depending on where you are in the World the law can become very nasty! PoPIA is just the tip of the ‘e-ice burg’, there is a much bigger picture.

While the enforcement of e-laws gain momentum and e-regulations evolve, your business needs to have taken steps to deal with digital behaviour and e-security. Remember, even if regulators and Courts take their time reviewing a case, the negative reputational harm that can come from the public is almost immediate and often enough to cause serious damage not only to your bottom line but also puts your staff, suppliers and clients at risk. Don’t make the mistake most people do and wait to prepare. It does not cost that much to ready your business.

I offer e-assessments, recommendations, e-workshops, e-training and action plans for small to medium size businesses related to e-behaviour and e-safety. These services can help your company get up to speed and become proactive instead of responsive in situations such as a data breach, hack or e-policy.

Experience, persistence and ingenuity are often the ingredients you need to navigate this ever evolving e-world. I assure you I have lots of these and lend them to Clients, who want to help themselves keep e-control.


The End.

Who is Jean-Pierre Murray-Kline?

Jean-Pierre is a South African Serial Entrepreneur, Published Author and Change Champion who has worked in over 300 types of industries in some capacity or another. His own online businesses have generated millions of Rands and involved sectors including Law, Web & App Development, Events & Entertainment, Property, Technical Services, Media and Tourism.
He has travelled to over 50 cities World-Wide, and is extremely active as a Business and Environmental Technologist.
Jean-Pierre is often asked to be a Guest Speaker on any variety of the many subjects he continuously studies and writes about. 


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