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Some of our leaders have perfected the art of bamboozling the public into offering them a second chance for the tenth time.

These people through all sorts of well-rehearsed practices avoided accountability and while doing so ensured that more rely on the State today than ever before. This fact guarantees that social grants remain a major influence for the Elections.

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The truth is the majority of leaders today are disconnected from the Citizenship, put their political careers before country, and are astonishingly selfish. They are not the solution for our future and must be replaced. We must use Courts to enforce accountability. Government positions need to become uncomfortable and less profitable The truth is the majority of leaders today are disconnected from the Citizenship, put their political careers before country, and are astonishingly selfish. They are not the solution for our future and must be replaced. Government positions need to become uncomfortable and less profitable. The position is to serve not be provided for. We must use Courts to enforce accountability. 


I have been asked several times if the ANC will win the next election. The declining trajectory of the ANC support since 2004 will continue because they have done nothing sufficient to alter their own path. The ANC will garner the most votes in the next election, however it will be the least they have had in decades, making them winning losers. I predict the ANC will have between 41% and 47% of seats in Parliament.

We are entering an era of ‘coalition government’, a time of turbulence in our history where our future will be decided upon by ‘many chefs in the same kitchen’. These ‘chefs’ will eventually decide on a ‘menu’, and only then will the masses be served. Not everyone will like every meal, fewer will starve, and there will be less wastage. This is part of our maturing democracy and an inevitable phase that will last three to five years. The surviving political parties will be those who learn to work together.

The ANC, DA, EFF and Action SA all know the eventuality ahead, and that is why you can see political courtships starting. The DA will increase their seats to between 23% and 26%, the EFF will dwindle to between 7% and 9%, and ActionSA will get around 2% to 4%. There will be some Independents, COPE, IFP and a few other smaller parties with scattered spots across Parliament.

The ANC will try a few flings with the DA, and the DA will entertain these to avoid the ANC working with the EFF or MK, but favour relationships with smaller parties within ‘The Moonshot pack’ or Multi Party Coalition Government. The MK Party and the EFF will be disruptors who share a common objective to reduce the power of Cyril Ramaphosas ANC. Both Zuma and Julius would love to one day call the ANC their own again. The Public will have reduced tolerance for floor crossing, mayor ousting and other shananigans, and we might see new legislation introduced to limit instability in Councils.

Geolocation ‘strong holds’ will influence the disbursement of power, but the servicing of Voter priorities will have greater sway. There are too many priorities for one to list in a single article, but to name just a few: electricity supply, trade unions, unemployment, land and housing, infrastructure, transport, food and water security, crime, violence, health and education, racism, international relations and wars.

The Mountain, Ocean and Stage.

Articles by Jean-Pierre Murray-Kline

Dirty campaigning is to be expected but the issue hides in the shadow of a Mountain of my primary concern: Voter manipulation and electoral rigging. These are within the realm of probability and capability of our political scoundrels. The most disheartening issue, and the Ocean before us, is the risk of low Voter turnout, especially that of the youth. Let us unpack the problem of having old politicians in a youthful naThe ‘stage’ is set with the ANC failing to attract the youth, the EFF has managed to do nothing more than keep them angry, and the DA still has the perception of not being an option for all, resulting in an apprehensive and frustrated voter. Youth of today are more perceptive and struggling to find someone who they can relate to, trust and most importantly talk about their future exclusively. John Steenhuisen and Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma are not good examples of leaders for the young.

(Side nugget: The political party that manages to inspire and mobilise female voters would guarantee them to become the most successful political party our Nation could ever see. Active citizenship for females in South Africa has not even begun to reach its potential and the reasons are complicated and deserve their own article.)

The Child.

I was eleven years old when South Africa had its first democratic election. I started to become aware of the awful history of my country during high school. It was in my twenties I assigned myself to learning more about the past so I could plan better for the future. My manner of thinking is not the norm compared to the ‘interim generation’ who developed their political compass over the ‘transition phase’ (apartheid to democracy), and are a generation largely less interested in the past. This period of time also included the pivotal period when Madiba was working with FW De Klerk in peace talks, and trying to prevent civil war after Chris Hani’s assassination.

The ‘outgoing generation’, those directly involved with and alive during the appalling years of apartheid, are for lack of a better phrase ‘passing on’. Those of them alive and willing to vote have a political compass inclined towards a revolutionary bearing. The liberation heroes and bad apples amongst them are a shrinking Voter base.

Nothing lasts forever, and everything has its time. While the veterans who fought to get South Africa to where it is today deserve respect, the youth of today are trying to find their own Champions. I have great aspirations and wish them luck in dealing with the many challenges we have presented them with and those still to materialize. I encourage them to direct all their energy towards the future. To end this article I want to share a 2024 Election objective I hope all South Africans reflect on.

Vote with Vision.

The most important thing adults today can offer ourselves and the youth is education. With it, one can envision a better life, make better decisions, and become community leaders, entrepreneurs, good parents and citizens. This ‘type of person’ is unlikely to rely on the State, and instead develop a ‘true’ sense of independence.

These people level the playing field and create a more equal society. In order to achieve this we encourage the youth to learn about leaders and the importance of active citizenship.

Articles by Jean-Pierre Murray-Kline

This is done by example and we must accept that no political party exclusively appeals to every demographic, and that is okay because the idea of voting for those we like, to voting for those we can hold accountable needs to change.

The ‘Next Parliament’ will be one with several parties of comparable size, none with a majority. In this new arrangement oversight is increased tenfold, the environment for corruption to thrive is disrupted and money finally directed to where it is most needed: Education, Infrastructure, Crime prevention, Health, Housing, Food and Water security and Energy.

Future Thinkers.

We need to understand that foremost we are a species with exceptional potential for good and bad. Consider becoming a Change Champion. We can mature South Africas democracy quickly and use it to help us at a global scale.



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